What is an Auto-Titrating CPAP?


Do you dread going to sleep because your CPAP therapy is uncomfortable? Is your pressure setting too low or too high, causing you to wake up in the middle of the night? Tired of taking sleep tests every time you need a new CPAP machine?

For years, customizing your CPAP to suit your sleep therapy needs was a huge hassle—but not anymore. With the invention of the Auto CPAP, restless nights have become a thing of the past. You’ll get the best sleep every single night, guaranteed.

What is an Auto CPAP?

An Auto CPAP is a machine that automatically titrates, or adjusts, the pressure it delivers on a breath-by-breath basis. These machines are programmed with a sophisticated algorithm that monitors your breathing in order to determine the most comfortable and effective pressure level for you at any given moment. The constant adjustments of the auto CPAP are essential to ensure that you continue to get the most out of your CPAP therapy, both on a nightly basis and as your needs change over time.

Top 3 Benefits of an Auto CPAP

1. Increase the comfort and effectiveness of your sleep therapy.

One of the best features of an auto CPAP machine is that it can always find your ideal pressure setting. You don’t have to worry about the pressure being too low or high, causing discomfort, or interrupting your sleep. An Auto CPAP machine determines your perfect pressure level with every breath, so you are guaranteed to receive the most effective therapy throughout the night.

Even better, if your health changes in any way (e.g. if you lose weight or are diagnosed with another condition), the machine will recalibrate so that it still delivers your optimal pressure every night.

2. Simplify your nighttime routine.

You’ll never have to worry about setting the pressure of your machine again! Since Auto CPAPs automatically adjust to your breathing patterns, you don’t need to know the exact amount of pressure you need.

Auto CPAP machines are set to a default range of 4-20 cm H2O and will detect and accommodate all pressures within that range. Your machine is all set when you’re ready for a good night’s sleep.

3. Save money by using the most advanced CPAP machine.

The severity of your sleep apnea will ebb and flow over time. If you have a fixed pressure machine, you will need to undergo a sleep study to determine what new pressure setting you need, which are invasive and expensive. Luckily, Auto CPAPs offer an easier and more affordable solution!

Since auto CPAPs will adjust pressure settings on their own, you can cut out the need for additional (and costly) testing. Plus, you will already have a reliable machine that delivers the best quality sleep possible, so you won’t need to upgrade as often.

The Best Auto CPAP: AirSense 11 Auto CPAP

The AirSense 11 is the most popular, smartest CPAP by ResMed. In addition to being auto-titrating, the AirSense has a number of other advanced features to increase the comfort and efficiency of your sleep therapy.

The AirSense makes your comfort its top priority. It is whisper quiet, making for a peaceful environment for you and your sleep partner. Its integrated humidifier ensures that you won't wake up with a dry mouth or water in your mask.

But it doesn't stop there -- it goes above and beyond.

With AutoRamp and SmartStart, the AirSense will start automatically at a low pressure as soon as you put on your mask. It then ramps up the pressure to the perfect level once you are asleep, helping you drift off more comfortably. It is also perfect if you are sensitive to high pressures. With EPR (expiratory pressure relief), the AirSense reduces air pressure when you exhale to make breathing easy.
The AirSense does most of the work for you. The AirSense is auto-titrating, meaning it will automatically adjust according to your breathing instead of being set to one fixed pressure setting. That means better therapy with no extra work.

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