Easy Breathe Travel CPAP Machine Review

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Easy Breathe Travel CPAP Machine Review

Easy Breathe Travel CPAP Machine Review

Our Travel CPAP Review

Here’s the thing, you love your CPAP and the great sleep it gives you every night, but you hate traveling with it. There’s nothing fun about bringing an extra, bulky carry-on with you to the airport and having to lug it around.

Because of that, CPAP companies have invested in creating travel CPAPs which are portable, lightweight, and provide therapy on the go.

And, in this article, we’ll be reviewing the best travel CPAPs currently on the market!

Our Criteria:

When deciding which machines to include on our list, we looked at three key characteristics:

  1. Size: It was important for the machines to be small in size and easy to carry. Any big and bulky machines were immediately disqualified.
  2. Great Features: The machines needed to be jam-packed with great features which make CPAP therapy on the go easy and effective.
  3. Customer Reviews: We made sure that all of the machines we recommended were well-received by CPAP users, ensuring that only the top-performing ones made the list.

Top Travel CPAPs

1. ResMed’s AirMini

At the top of the list is ResMed’s AirMini Travel CPAP Machine and for good reason! This machine is the smallest CPAP machine in the world, and it is the most popular travel CPAP at Easy Breathe. Here are some of the best features of the AirMini:

What’s Great:

Lightweight, Travel Friendly: The AirMini weighs in at only 0.66 lbs, and it’s roughly the size of a soda can. This makes it the perfect companion for your next getaway.

Auto-Titrating: One of the best features of the AirMini is its ability to automatically detect the pressure you need on a breath by breath basis. This makes using the machine and getting a good night of sleep a breeze!

FAA-Approved: The machine is FAA approved and can be used on flights, so that you can continue to get your CPAP therapy on the plane.

ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP Machine Review

ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP Machine Review

Advanced Features: The AirMini also comes with advanced features to enhance the comfort of your therapy including EPR (which lowers the pressure when exhaling), AutoRamp (which increases pressure after you fall asleep), and SmartStart (which begins therapy when you first begin breathing into your mask).

Easily Collect Sleep Data: The AirMini app allows you to easily collect your sleep data right from your smartphone! So, whether you’re using an iPhone or Android, you can continue to monitor your sleep therapy while away from home.

What’s Not As Great:

Limited Compatibility: One downside of this machine is that it is only compatible with 4 different masks (AirFit F30, F20, N20, and P10).  However, you can rest assured there is at least one mask of each type (full-face, nasal, and nasal pillows) that is compatible with the AirMini, allowing you to continue to use the right mask style for your CPAP therapy!

Limited Humidification: The AirMini does not come with a humidifier, but it does have small tablets (called HumidX) which can be placed inside the connection to your tube. These humidification tablets work with the N20 and P10, but not the full-face mask options.

2. DreamStation Go

The second machine at the top of the travel CPAP list is the DreamStation Go. This lightweight machine is one of the newest travel machines to hit the market, and it is known for its simplistic design and easy on-the-go setup!  Here are some of the best features of the DreamStation Go:

What’s Great:

Universal Compatibility: One of the best features of this machine is its universal mask compatibility. This allows you to continue using your favorite mask even while on the go.

Auto-Titration: Similar to other new machines, the DreamStation Go also offers auto-titration which automatically adjusts the pressure to your needs, giving you quality sleep every night.

DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Machine Review


DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Machine Review

Keep Track of Sleep Data: The DreamStation Go also comes with an app which allows you to track your sleep data either from your smartphone or from the web, giving you plenty of options to maintain compliance.

On-the-Go Humidification: Unlike other machines, the DreamStation Go does offer a fully functioning humidifier attachment. With this, you can easily get humidification throughout the night, even with a travel CPAP.

Integrated Touchscreen: The DreamStation Go comes with an integrated touchscreen, allowing you to easily change the settings on your machine with just a tap. 

What’s Not as Great:

Not the Smallest Option: Although the DreamStation Go is small, it isn’t the smallest option available, especially with the humidifier add-on attached. That being said, the machine is still great for traveling and is easier to travel with than its larger counterparts.

Slightly Louder: The DreamStation Go is also slightly louder than the newer CPAPs on the market (30 decibels vs. 27 decibels); however, it is still pretty quiet and shouldn’t affect your sleep!

3. F&P SleepStyle 

Although it’s not technically considered a travel CPAP, the F&P SleepStyle is smaller than most standard machines and can still be a great option for CPAP therapy on the go!  As one of the newer machines on the market, the SleepStyle comes with a variety of features, including:

What’s Great:

Auto-Titration: Like other machines on the market, the SleepStyle is able to automatically adjust to your ideal pressure, giving you the exact therapy you need each and every night.

Easy to Navigate: One of the best features about this device is the simple menus and user-friendly layout which make navigating your CPAP machine convenient and easy.

Whisper-Quiet: The SleepStyle is extremely quiet while in use, registering in at only 28 dB. It’s whisper-quiet motor will help you fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

F&P SleepStyle CPAP Machine Review


F&P SleepStyle CPAP Machine Review

SensAwake Technology: With this technology, the SleepStyle can detect when you are no longer sleeping as deeply and reduce the pressure to make your therapy more comfortable and help you fall back asleep.

Built-In Modem: The SleepStyle’s built-in modem allows you to easily track your sleep data from the web or from your smartphone, making therapy compliance easier than ever!

What’s Not as Great:

Less Compact: The biggest downside for the SleepStyle is that it’s not as compact as the AirMini or DreamStation Go, which are also on our list.  Although it’s less compact than those two, the SleepStyle is very compact for a full-size machine and can still be a great option for a travel CPAP.

Not FAA-Approved: Unlike our other machines on the list, this CPAP is not FAA-approved so you will be unable to use it in flight. Regardless, you can still take the machine with you when you travel, and it will be ready to use when you land!

What If I’m Interested in Buying a Travel CPAP?

If you liked what you read in our Travel CPAP Review, and you’re looking to buy one, you can click and purchase a travel CPAP from Easy Breathe’s online store! If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at (866) 564-2252 or chat in, and one of our customer service representatives would be happy to help!