ResMed AirMini Review

ResMed AirMini Review | Best CPAP Machines of 2020


ResMed AirMini ReviewResMed AirMini Review

Our ResMed AirMini Review

There you are, ready for your next trip to go camping, to take a relaxing beach vacation, or perhaps to travel to an exotic location. But, as you finish up packing your suitcase, you remember that you need to bring your bulky CPAP with you.

If this is a familiar scenario, don’t worry! The ResMed AirMini was specifically created to help mitigate this problem. It was designed to be your perfect travel companion.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about it or even trying it out, read through our AirMini Review to see what is great (and not as great) about this lightweight CPAP device!

What is the ResMed AirMini CPAP?

In short, the AirMini is the latest CPAP device from ResMed and has taken the CPAP world by storm. As the lightest, smallest CPAP on the market, this tiny CPAP has become a must-have for CPAP users that are frequently on the go.

The AirMini’s benefits don’t stop there! This device also has other features including:

  • Auto-Titration
  • Advanced Comfort Settings
  • FAA Approval
  • Easy Sleep Data Collection

Now, we’ll go through and talk about why these features are great to have and how they’ll improve your CPAP therapy!

What’s Great About the ResMed AirMini?

ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP Machine

ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP Machine

1. Travel Friendly

As we discussed earlier, the number one feature that customers love about the AirMini is how small and lightweight it is.

The machine is the size of a coke can and weighs only 0.66 lbs, making it easy to take with you on the go!

2. Auto-Titration

Another benefit of the AirMini is that it is an auto-titrating device. Basically, the AirMini is able to automatically detect the ideal pressure for you and adjust itself as needed.

Rest assured that this device will deliver the exact pressure you need on a breath by breath basis.

3. Advanced Comfort Settings

To ensure that you continue to get comfortable CPAP therapy on the go, the AirMini also comes with advanced comfort settings including: AutoRamp, SmartStart, and EPR

These features make it easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night by making your CPAP therapy feel as natural as possible.

4. FAA-Approved

On top of being lightweight and small, another feature that makes the AirMini the perfect travel device is that it is FAA-approved. Additionally, since the AirMini is portable battery compatible, you can bring your device onboard and use it inflight. 

So, whether you’re on the ground or flying in the skies, you’ll be clear to land a great night of sleep with your AirMini CPAP device!

5. Easily Collect Sleep Data

To ensure that you can maintain compliance and keep track of your sleep data, the AirMini comes with an app (which works on both iPhones and Androids) that allows you to easily access this data. 

Therefore, even when you’re on the road, you can rest easy knowing that your sleep data will still be trackable and easily accessible.

ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP Machine lifestyle shotResMed AirMini Travel CPAP Machine lifestyle shot

What’s Not As Great?

1. Limited Mask Compatibility

One of the downsides of the AirMini is that the machine comes with limited mask compatibility since it can only be used with four mask models. The good news is that at least one mask of each style (full-face mask, nasal mask, or nasal pillow mask) is compatible with the AirMini.

2. Louder Than Other Standard CPAPs

Although the AirMini isn’t too loud, the machine’s motor produces 30 dB of noise which is still louder than most of the standard CPAPs that you see on the market nowadays (e.g. ResMed AirSense 10).

3. No Humidifier

The other drawback of the ResMed AirMini is that it doesn’t come with a humidifier which many people are accustomed to with their standard CPAPs. However, the AirMini does come with small HumidX tablets, which provide waterless humidification when used with the N20 and P10 mask options.

What Masks Can Be Used with the AirMini?

The AirMini is compatible with four masks: P10, N20, F20, F30. The P10 is a nasal pillow mask option, the N20 is a nasal mask option, and the F20 and F30 are both full face mask options.

How Does the AirMini Work?

When you order the AirMini, it comes in a bundle with the device, mask kit of your choosing, power supply cord, air tubing, filter, humidification tablet, and a drawstring bag. You’ll get all the supplies you need to get started right away!

The AirMini is very easy to set-up and use! To get started:

  1. Plug in the AirMini and press the power button.
  2. Connect the AirMini tubing to the machine.
  3. Put the HumidX tablet into the mask end of the tube (only if using the N20 or P10 mask options) then connect your mask.
  4. Download the ResMed AirMini app and press the Bluetooth button on the AirMini device. Follow the app’s additional instructions.
  5. Start your CPAP therapy!

Does Easy Breathe Recommend the AirMini?

Absolutely! The AirMini CPAP is a great product and we hear great things about it from our customers! There is no smaller, more portable travel CPAP option available.

Are There Payment Plan Options for the AirMini?

Since this machine can be a bit pricey, Easy Breathe offers payment plan options for the AirMini (which start at $99 down) to make the machine more affordable!

What If I Still Have Questions About the AirMini?

If you still have unanswered questions about the AirMini, just give us a call at (866) 564-2252 or chat in on our website, and we would be more than happy to help!

Our CPAP experts are the best in the business at getting CPAP users the right products for their unique needs.