Easy Breathe Reviews the Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner

Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner Review | Best Cleaners of 2022


Easy Breathe Reviews the Sleep8 CPAP CleanerEasy Breathe Reviews the Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner

Our Sleep8 Review

Cleaning your CPAP machine regularly is crucial, but most people hate the time and effort it takes to clean by hand. Because of this, many have turned to the Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner, one of the most popular cleaning machines.

Here, we’ll be reviewing the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner and going through everything you need to know! So, here’s our official Sleep8 review.

Sleep8: What’s Great

1. Clean with One Click

One of the best features of the Sleep8 is its ease of use. All you need to do is:

  • Connect one of the Sleep8 bags to the Sleep8 machine
  • Put your supplies in the bag
  • Press the power button and go!

It’s that simple. There are no extra buttons, steps, or adapters!

2. Travel Friendly

Probably the biggest draw of the Sleep8 is how lightweight and small the device is.

The Sleep8 weighs in at slightly over half a pound and it’s only 5 x 3 inches, making it the ideal travel companion for CPAP users who are looking for sanitization on the go.


The Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner is travel friendly, cleans with one click, sanitizes 99% of bacteria, and is now $100 off with the code CLEAN100!The Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner is travel friendly, cleans with one click, sanitizes 99% of bacteria, and is now $100 off with the code CLEAN100!

3. Near-Universal Compatibility

Another benefit of the Sleep8 is that no adapters are needed to use the device. It can easily clean:

  • Humidifiers
  • Tubes
  • Masks (except Memory Foam cushions)

4. Speedy, Automatic Sanitization

One of the best features of the Sleep8 is its speedy, automatic sanitizing feature. After you press go, the Sleep8 will start its 1-hour cycle and automatically turn off after completion.

This makes cleaning significantly easier and more convenient since you can clean your supplies without worrying about being present when the cycle ends.

5. Kills Over 99% of Germs

Another great feature is that the Sleep8 has the ability to kill over 99% of harmful bacteria on your CPAP supplies.

After you start the machine, the Sleep8 uses ozone technology to kill the bacteria and give you a healthier and more restful sleep.

6. Use It Wirelessly

Lastly, the Sleep8 can be used without being plugged in, making it ideal for people on the go. Its battery can last several days without needing to be re-charged It’s perfect for people who:

  • Are frequently on the go
  • Need to use a CPAP Cleaner when away from an outlet
  • Like to go camping or go places where electricity isn’t readily available
The Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner has near-universal compatibility and can quickly clean your CPAP Mask, CPAP tube, and humidifier!

Sleep8: What’s Not as Great

1. Replacement Bags

Although the Sleep8 bags make cleaning your CPAP supplies a breeze, they do need to be replaced every 90 days. However, the bags are relatively inexpensive at around $21 each. We also have a special deal running where you can buy 3 bags, get 1 free.

2. Can Cause Discoloration If Equipment Isn’t Wiped Beforehand

If your supplies aren’t wiped down before the cleaning cycle, mask discoloration can result. This happens because any residue left on the mask gets oxidized and changes color on the mask (however, the mask will still be completely sanitized regardless of any discoloration that occurs).

3. Not Compatible with Memory Foam Masks

One downside of this machine is that it isn’t compatible with masks that have memory foam cushions. However, if you do use a memory foam cushion, you can remove it first and still clean the mask frame and headgear with the Sleep8.

How Does the Sleep8 Work?

Overall, the Sleep8 is very easy to use. To get started, all you need to do is:

  1. Connect your CPAP tube to the Sleep8 bag. Then, put your mask and empty humidifier chamber in the bag.
  2. Close the bag and attach the Sleep8 machine.
  3. Press the power button, and you’re all set!

To clean your supplies, the Sleep8 uses activated oxygen (also known as “ozone”) which enters the bag and sanitizes your supplies. Once the cycle is over, the Sleep8 will automatically turn off.

Does Easy Breathe Recommend the Sleep8?

Absolutely! The Sleep8 is a great product and our customers have had a lot of success with it, especially customers who are on the move or prefer smaller, compact cleaners.

Are There Any Promotional Deals for the Sleep8?

Yes! Currently, Easy Breathe is running a promotional deal for the Sleep8 which gets you $100 off when you enter the code CLEAN100 at checkout.

Where Can I Buy the Sleep8?

If you liked what you read in our Sleep8 review, and you’re looking to buy one, you can click and purchase the Sleep8 from Easy Breathe’s online store! If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at (866) 564-2252 or chat in, and one of our customer service representatives would be happy to help!

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