Easy Breathe Reviews the Best Masks for Mouth Breathers

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Easy Breathe Reviews the Best Masks for Mouth BreathersEasy Breathe Reviews the Best Masks for Mouth Breathers

Best Masks for Mouth Breathers

If you’re reading this article, you probably use a CPAP and breathe through your mouth. If that’s the case, you probably know that it can be difficult to find the best mask for mouth breathing since there are only so many options available that’ll ensure you’re getting the CPAP therapy you need.

In this article, we’ll be going over the best CPAP mask options for people that breathe through their mouths.

What Type of Mask is Best for Mouth Breathers?

Overall, the best type of CPAP mask for mouth breathers is a full face mask option. The reason why this type of mask is effective:

  • Full face masks cover your nose and mouth, ensuring air from your CPAP doesn’t exit through your mouth and impact your ability to get the pressure you need.
  • If you use a humidifier, then a full face mask will keep the moistened air from exiting and will help prevent dry mouth. This mask type will also ensure you have an adequate seal throughout the night.
  • If you are congested, using a full face mask reduces irritation and pressure on your nasal passages. Additionally full-face masks are compatible with Sleep Strips which help provide temporary relief from nasal congestion symptoms.

What Are the Best Full Face Masks?

1. ResMed AirFit F30i

Best Masks for Mouth Breathers: ResMed's AirFit F30iBest Masks for Mouth Breathers: ResMed's AirFit F30i

Overall, the ResMed AirFit F30i is one of the newest masks on the market, and it has been a big hit with customers. The AirFit F30i is ResMed’s most minimal contact full face mask, freeing your face from excess straps and plastic. On top of that, the mask features:

  • An under-the-nose cushion which gives you more visibility while reducing irritation
  • A quick release elbow that allows you to easily connect and disconnect from your machine (which is ideal if you have to get up to go to the bathroom during the night)
  • A soft, universal headgear that is very comfortable while also maintaining its shape
  • Top-of-the-head tubing which allows greater freedom of movement while sleeping

2. Amara View

Best Masks for Mouth Breathers: The Amara ViewBest Masks for Mouth Breathers: The Amara View

The Amara View has been a mainstay for full face masks in the CPAP industry for a while now, and that’s not a coincidence. As the most compact full face mask available, the Amara View has a wide variety of features which include:

  • Unique cushion shape which provides both nasal and oral air pressure while avoiding the bridge of the nose.
  • The widest field of vision among all full face masks, allowing you to wear glasses before bed to watch TV or read a book.
  • The headgear and tubing have quick release tabs, so you can easily take off your mask and put it back on without having to readjust it every single time.

3. ResMed AirFit F20

Best Masks for Mouth Breathers: ResMed AirFit F20Best Masks for Mouth Breathers: ResMed's AirFit F20

Since it was first released back in 2016, ResMed’s AirFit F20 has been the go-to mask for CPAP users nationwide. Besides being a reliable choice for a full face mask, the AirFit F20 also has a great set of features including:

  • Padded headgear to maximize your comfort and reduce red marks and irritation.
  • Magnetic Clips and Quick Release Elbow that allow you to quickly take off your mask without needing to readjust the fit each time you wear it.
  • InfinitySeal Cushion which helps give you a stronger seal and is designed to fit all face structures and pressure levels.

Are There Alternative Options for Mouth Breathers?

If wearing a full face mask doesn’t sound like an appealing option for you, there is an alternative method! Instead of a full face mask, you can instead use your favorite nasal or nasal pillows CPAP mask with a chinstrap

A chinstrap is an adjustable strap which goes under your chin and helps keep your mouth closed while sleeping. This is a great option for people who get claustrophobic in larger masks, and prefer a nasal or nasal pillow mask instead! To learn more about this option, check out our CPAP Chinstrap Buying Guide article on our blog.

What If I Still Have Questions About Mask Options?

If you still have unanswered questions, just give us a call at (866) 564-2252 or chat in, and we would be more than happy to help! Our CPAP experts are the best in the business at getting CPAP users the right products for their unique needs.

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