Risk Free Trial on Whisper Quiet CPAP Masks


REM Sleep. It’s the kind of deep, restful, dreamy sleep that is sorely missed by CPAP users who find themselves waking up multiple times in the middle of the night from mask leaks. Here are 4 CPAP masks quiet enough to dream in – and you can try one risk-free.

How Do You Take Advantage of This Great Offer?

1. Add the Easy Breathe Mask Guarantee (normally $24.95) and your new mask to your cart.
2. Enter the coupon code RISKFREE to get the Mask Guarantee for FREE. You are now protected in the event that your new mask just doesn’t work out.
3. Send it back within 30 days and you get a 100% refund or 100% store credit. Your choice. CLICK HERE to add the Mask Guarantee to your cart.

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p10 3

The AirFit™ P10 frame features QuietAir™ woven-mesh vents. This technology quietly directs and diffuses exhaled air in multiple directions away from the user and bed partner.

“Best mask yet…easy to wear, easy to clear, quiet and doesn’t blow cold air on my wife…we can snuggle again.” —John M

pilairo q 4

The Pilairo Q is built with the Q Cover Exhalation Vents, which offers nearly silent air diffusion – meaning that you don’t have to worry about the sound keeping you or your partner up at night.

“Really like this mask! No marks, no noisy leaks.” —Karen R

eson 3

The Eson Mask’s diffuser reduces noise and draft and is now washable and more durable. (Hint: A good way to make the Eson mask even quieter is to use cloth mask linersclick here to view).

“This mask is great. I’ve tried about 12 others. It has two properties none other have, which are of great importance:
1) It is completely, totally silent. i didn’t think this was possible. When it is sealed correctly, there is *no* sound at all.
2) It does not blow on your bed partner. It’s diffusion is really effective and well designed. This is also a first.
I’ve been sleeping very well, getting AHI scores around 1, and am back on the site to buy a second one to replace my travel set.” —Dan

amara view

According to a study conducted by Philips Respironics, users were 23% more satisfied with the noise level of the Amara View than that of the ResMed Quattro. (Hint: a good way to make the Amara View mask even quieter is to use cloth mask linersclick here to view).

“This is by far the best mask, very comfortable to wear, easy to see over and it is very light. It don’t get in the way when sleeping and it is very quiet.” —Ed

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