New: The Brevida Nasal Pillow Mask


Minimal. Stable. Easy To Fit.

The all-new Brevida Nasal Pillow Mask System is here! The Brevida Mask has a unique nasal pillow design that will make mask leaks a thing of the past. The pillow seals both in and around your nose, providing the securest seal out of all the leading nasal pillow masks. The single strap headgear is adjustable and lightweight, providing stability and minimizing contact with your face. The washable diffuser silences the air leaving the mask vents, making for a quiet sleeping experience for you and your bed partner.

Adjustable Headgear

The single strap headgear of the Brevida Mask System has adjustments so you can customize the fit easily – no more struggling with multiple straps. The headgear avoids the sensitive areas on the back of your neck, and there are no cumbersome straps that go across your forehead. There is no stitching on the headgear, reducing the possibility of skin irritation. The elastic headgear can be pulled off easily while still maintaining the size that you adjusted it to. Stretchwise material helps the headgear to maintain its shape, even after repeated use. There are notches on the headgear to help you keep track of what size works best for you.

AirPillow Seal

No other nasal pillow mask will seal in and around your nose like the Brevida Mask System. The extra thin, soft seals are gentle on your nose while the stabilizing side supports reduce the likelihood of the seal dislodging during sleep. There are two seal sizes available that can fit a wide range of nostril sizes.

Get a Better Night’s Rest with the Brevida.

CPAP users will find the relief they have been looking for with the Brevida Nasal Pillow Mask. Finally, there is a nasal pillow mask with comfortable headgear that will actually stay in place and pillows that won’t slip out in the middle of the night. Why wait any longer to sleep more restfully? Try the Brevida today.

No Prescription? No Problem!

To buy the Brevida without a prescription, just add the Brevida Mask Without Headgear and select ‘Add Headgear’ from the dropdown menu.