Lightweight And Stable Eson 2 on Super Sale Now | Limited Time Only


Tired of sacrificing stability in your CPAP mask?

Does your CPAP mask ever slip off in the middle of the night? Do you get leaks around your nasal cushion? Not anymore. Solve all of these problems with the lightweight and stable Eson 2 Nasal Mask from Fisher & Paykel!

Priced everyday at $122, order now and get the Eson 2 for just $92! Just enter the code ESON30 at checkout.

How does the Eson 2 help?

  • Easy Frame: Narrower profile provides a clear line of sight while maintaining maximum stability.
  • Supportive, intuitive headgear: Provides fitting options on all parts of the headgear for a secure, customized fit, and stretches directly over the head for ease of use.
  • RollFit Seal: Delivers a stable, precise fit and effective seal by auto-adjusting on the bridge of your nose.
  • Quieting diffuser: Reduces noise and draft, and is now washable.
  • VisiBlue highlights: Easier, stress-free assembly.

Take the step towards a worry-free sleep.

CPAP users will be in good hands with the Eson 2 Nasal Mask. You can finally rest easy knowing that your mask will fit securely and comfortably all night. Why wait any longer to sleep more reliably? Try the Eson 2 now!

Use the code ESON30 at checkout to save $30!

Not sure if the Eson 2 is the right mask for you? Try our Mask Finder Quiz and we’ll tell you in four questions!

The Eson 2 Nasal CPAP Mask could be yours for $0! Allow us to check with your insurance provider for you to find out what is covered (for free!). Click below to get started:


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