Easy Breathe U. Texas SkinIt Release Causes Longhorns Win?



You may find it strange that right around the same time that we released our new UT Longhorns CPAP Logo Skin, which features the classic Longhorns logo, Texas defeated Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry, which took many by complete surprise. Last year, Oklahoma basically decimated Texas with a 63-21 win – not to mention Damien Williams’ 95-yard touchdown and Trey Millard’s 73-yard reception.  Could the release of Easy Breathe’s logo skin be the winning mojo that the Longhorns need to take it all the way to the top or have we gotten too caught up in college football fever? Coincidence or not, we’d like to think our little contribution did something to help.


Well, Longhorns fans – perhaps now is the time to put on your favorite hat, invite that lucky person over to your house to watch the next game (October 26th, y’all), or wear your lucky shoes, because that is just what it may take to get Texas to nab the Big 12 title this year. And if you have obstructive sleep apnea, you will definitely want to show your Texas pride by donning your CPAP machine with Easy Breathe’s new UT Longhorns Logo Skin for the ResMed S9 CPAP with humidifier. Now you can get relief from the symptoms of your sleep apnea and show your love for the Longhorns; and while you are at it, you can also send out some good vibrations to a team that has been beaten and robbed of the title for the last three years.

So, as you are ironing your Longhorns sheet set and prepping those Longhorns dinnerware for the next big game, maybe you Texas super fans out there will also like to introduce Easy Breathe’s new CPAP skin to your collection. If you are a true fan, how can you resist? If everything within earshot of where you sleep is covered in Longhorns merch – why leave out your CPAP machine? Even if you know someone with obstructive sleep apnea – and a seemingly obsessive love for the Longhorns – perhaps getting that person a little pre-holiday gift is in order. The next game is only a few days away, and there are a few other teams to beat, but maybe – just maybe – this will be the year for Texas.

So, just like you have been robbed of sleep, Texas has been robbed of the title – hopefully we can all band together to make 2013 the year for the Longhorns. Easy Breathe’s new University of Texas at Austin skin is a high quality print – none of that pixelated stuff – that utilizes a state-of-the-art digital press that really shows off your CPAP machine in style. Also, it is easy to slip on and remove, so you don’t need to worry about it leaving any residue when you remove it, but in the name of the Lone Star State, why the heck would you?! Hook ‘em Horns!