Free SoClean 2 Parts with the Purchase of the #1 CPAP Sanitizer



For a limited time only, we are giving away 2 different SoClean replacement parts with the purchase of the #1 CPAP Sanitizer. Buy a SoClean 2 and get a free extra SoClean filter ($30 value) and a free humidifier adapter ($20 value). That’s a $50 value we are giving away for free with the SoClean!

The SoClean 2 is a quick and easy daily CPAP sanitizer. It uses activated oxygen (ozone or O3) to kill 99% of the mold, bacteria and viruses present on your CPAP equipment. No harsh chemicals, liquids or water. Cleaning your CPAP used to be a pain. You had to take everything apart, wash it and wait for it to dry. Not anymore. Hook up the SoClean 2, then just drop your mask into the reservoir every morning and by bedtime your CPAP mask is germ free.

CPAP Users Can’t Live Without It

Reese L 
SoClean is easy to use and the added bonus is that it also cleans the water reservoir. My mask smells ‘disinfected’ and clean. I’m very happy with this machine.

Robert H 
I’ve had my unit for a little over 2 wks. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the SoClean. Even though I live in a dry climate and had been cleaning my CPAP on a weekly basis, I had been developing a cough and some lung congestion. I figured, what the H and bought it. In a 2 week period I average a 2 hr longer utilization time of wearing the CPAP and my cough and lung congestion is gone. It even smells better. I was getting positive results in 2 days. What more can I say, the SoClean is almost magical.

A friend suggested that I buy a SoClean machine for my 82-year-old mom who has been using a CPAP for over 20 years. I was leery, mainly because of the price, but today I am so glad that I made this purchase and I would do it again and again; I would do almost anything to keep her from getting sick again. She was in the hospital 4 times in 2016 with various upper respiratory infections, asthma and emphysema related illnesses. In early December 2016 I did buy her a SoClean2 machine and she started using it. It is now July 11, 2017, 7 months later, and since she started using the SoClean2 daily she has not had a SINGLE head cold or any sort of upper respiratory distress problem. Not a single one and for her this has been unheard of for many years. She and I both believe whole heartedly that the SoClean2 machine is what has made the tremendous difference in her respiratory health.

Follow 3 Easy Steps to Get a Free Filter and Free Humidifier Adapter





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*All SoClean humidifier adapters except adapters for Fisher & Paykel (F&P) machines are $20.00 or less. Adapters for F&P machines are $25.00; this promotional offer will will reduce the price of F&P adapters from $25.00 to $5.00. All other adapters will have their price reduced to $0.00 by this offer.