Free Gift With The Purchase Of The Smallest CPAP Cleaner


Buying the VirtuCLEAN travel CPAP cleaner just got even better! For a limited time, when you purchase the portable VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaner, we are including a FREE gift that will make cleaning your sleep apnea equipment even easier. Just add the VirtuCLEAN to your cart and use coupon code TRAVELCLEAN at checkout. We will add 3 travel packs of Easy Breathe CPAP Wipes free of charge!  

The VirtuCLEAN and the Easy Breathe CPAP Wipes are the perfect duo for fully cleaning your CPAP supplies. Click here to see how the VirtuCLEAN works. Use the VirtuCLEAN to kill bacteria, mold, and viruses on your CPAP equipment, and use the Easy Breathe CPAP Wipes to get rid of any facial oils or dirt residue on your CPAP mask. You can’t go wrong with the VirtuCLEAN and your free gift–claim yours today!

Clean your CPAP anytime, anywhere.

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