Free 4-Year Extended Warranty with AirSense Auto CPAP


Your current CPAP machine is likely outdated — it’s loud, heavy, and simply hard to use.

ResMed’s AirSense 10 Auto CPAP is a thing of wonder. The most advanced, intuitive CPAP machine available, the AirSense will revolutionize the way you think about CPAP therapy. Today, when you buy the AirSense you’ll also receive a FREE Extended Warranty ($99 value). This doubles the warranty for a total of 4 years.

You won’t have to worry at all.

The AirSense makes your comfort its top priority. It is whisper quiet, making for a peaceful environment for you and your sleep partner. Its integrated humidifier ensures that you won't wake up with a dry mouth or water in your mask.

But it doesn't stop there -- it goes above and beyond.

With AutoRamp and SmartStart, the AirSense will start automatically at a low pressure as soon as you put on your mask. It then ramps up the pressure to the perfect level once you are asleep, helping you drift off more comfortably. It is also perfect if you are sensitive to high pressures. With EPR (expiratory pressure relief), the AirSense reduces air pressure when you exhale to make breathing easy.
The AirSense does most of the work for you. The AirSense is auto-titrating, meaning it will automatically adjust according to your breathing instead of being set to one fixed pressure setting. That means better therapy with no extra work.

Better yet, monitor your sleep therapy with MyAir! You can track all of your sleep data at home, making this CPAP the most convenient and easy-to-use machine on the market.
Who wants to worry about their machine malfunctioning?

Up until now, you've had to hope for the best when a manufacturer's warranty ended after 2 years. But, you're supposed to use your CPAP for at least 3 years before it should need a replacement. That's a year gap even for the minimum usage lifespan!

For a limited time, you can get a FREE extended warranty. Our extended warranty offer (normally $99) provides 2 additional years on top of the 2 years already provided by the manufacturer!

In the event that something goes wrong with your machine, just contact us to get it fixed or replaced under the warranty by giving us a call.

How does it work? There are only 3 steps:

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The AirSense 10 Auto CPAP could be yours for $0! Allow us to check with your insurance provider for you to find out what is covered (for free!). Click below to get started:

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