Ditch Your Old CPAP for a Quieter, Lighter, Auto-Titrating CPAP



Is your CPAP machine noisy? Is it keeping you and/or your partner awake at night? If your CPAP is three years or older, there’s a good chance that it is. Well, don’t be like this guy and stop wearing your CPAP altogether. Remember all the benefits you get from wearing your CPAP?!…

There are new CPAP machines that are quieter and lighter and they also auto-titrate – meaning they automatically adjust to the optimal pressure settings. Don’t be “that guy” using an annoying CPAP clunker that’s noisy, heavy, and doesn’t auto-titrate. This is a faux-pas equivalent of watching VHS tapes or a LaserDisc in today’s day and age. You live in a world where High Definition is the norm so it’s time that you upgrade to a machine that does more for your sleep.


Upgrade to the Best… S9 AutoSet by ResMed

The S9 AutoSet is the premium Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) model in ResMed’s S9 Series. It is one of the quietest machines available and will help you and your partner get the best night’s sleep possible. Additionally, it’s exceptionally light-weight, making it ideal for travel.

Now let’s talk about the S9’s auto-titrating technology! This technology measures flow limitations such as snoring and apneas on a breath-by-breath basis and correspondingly adjusts the air pressure to counteract these apneas. You were probably given a pressure setting after your sleep lab but did you know that your optimal pressure settings often change over time? Your pressure needs can vary on a nightly basis and are affected by several factors including: weight gain/loss, sleeping positions, and body temperature. With an auto-titrating CPAP you will never have to worry about setting your pressure again!

  • Quiet – Sound Level of 24 dBA
  • Light-weight – 1.79lbs
  • Auto-titrating Technology


*Easy Breathe has a wide assortment of CPAP skins for your S9… from animals to your favorite sports team!


Don’t have a prescription to get a new CPAP machine? No problem…

Easy Breathe’s CPAP RX Package has you covered and will get you a new CPAP prescription from one of their licensed physicians in less than 48 hours. For just $99 you will be able to get a new CPAP prescription and upgrade to an auto-titrating CPAP like the S9 and can use it to purchase any CPAP mask or other CPAP supplies you may want.

Sleep Study

Think you need to go a to sleep lab to get a new pressure setting? Think again.

Like VHS tapes and LaserDiscs, sleep labs are quickly becoming history as we know it. You can jump for joy now! Remember driving out to a sleep lab, getting “wired-up” and trying to do your best to fall asleep in a bed that’s not yours with technicians watching you sleep? You’ll never have to go to one again to get your pressure settings if you have an auto-titrating CPAP! Oh and for those of you who have not yet experienced just how miserable sleep labs are, consider yourself lucky because you’ll never have to. With Easy Breathe’s Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package you can find out if you have sleep apnea and if CPAP therapy can work for you, all in the coziness, convenience, and familiarity of your own home.

Click Here to learn more about the Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package.

So what are you waiting for? Ditch your old CPAP and upgrade to an auto-titrating CPAP. It’s time you gave yourself the best night’s sleep possible…