CPAP Users Have Spoken – Top 5 Masks


CPAP users have spoken. We asked you to vote for the best mask, and the results are in. Here are the top 5 CPAP masks according to the Easy Breathe community:

1. The AirFit P10

AirFit-P10-Mask-Vote (1)

Given that the AirFit P10 is the quietest and lightest nasal pillow mask available, is it really a surprise that it comes in at number one? CPAP users love how they can get a full night’s sleep with this mask, even if they change sleeping positions.


2. The DreamWear

DreamWear-Mask-Vote (1)

The DreamWear mask is definitely one of the most innovative systems in CPAP mask history. The tubing goes on top of your head, the nasal cushion sits gently underneath the nose, and the soft silicone frame makes it feel like it’s not even there.


3. The Amara View

Amara-View-Mask-Vote (1)

For those who need to use a full face mask or just like to keep one around for allergy season, the Amara View proved to be a dependable, minimal solution. The Amara View has the widest field of vision among full face masks, easing claustrophobia among many.


4. The Swift FX

Swift-Mask-Vote (1)

The Swift FX is a very comfortable nasal pillow mask with adjustable headgear. Users love how soft and stable it is.


5. The Mirage FX

Mirage-Mask-Vote-1 (1)

A classic nasal mask, the Mirage FX has everything a CPAP user needs to get a great night’s sleep. The frame is lightweight, the headgear is soft and secure, and the cushion has an exceptional seal.


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