CPAP is Good For Sex


Erectile-Dysfunction-Sleep-ApneaSex – let’s talk about the one thing that’s on every guy’s mind. Across the board, guys do everything to appear sexier and to attract the opposite sex – they wear nice clothing, they do their hair (thank god for Just For Men), they wear cologne or perfume, and they drive nice cars. When it comes to suffering from sleep apnea, though, there is one thing that is definitely not sexy: CPAP treatment. Well, that’s what most men believe, which is why many guys have a hard time sticking to treatment. But now, a new study says that CPAP may be much sexier than you think – in fact, it may even improve your sex life.

The truth is that obstructive sleep apnea is unsexy. It gets in the way of our sex lives in a plethora of ways. For one, the excessive snoring can drive our bed partners insane – snoring isn’t exactly an aphrodisiac. It can also cause erectile dysfunction in men. Researchers believe that there are a number of factors that cause this dysfunction and lack of libido, but it mostly has to do with wavering levels of testosterone. Plus, night after night of being starved of oxygen can throw the body into a hypoxic tizzy that puts sex at the bottom of the priority list.

However, sex is important. It’s makes us happier and more fulfilled. According to one study, sexually active people take fewer sick days at work. Sex can also make us sleep more soundly. This is why sleep apnea can be so detrimental to our sex lives and our everyday lives. But this is where CPAP treatment enters the picture to save the day – again. Researchers at Walter Reed National Military Center found that CPAP can improve both sexual function and sexual desire among men with obstructive sleep apnea.


Researchers conducting the study evaluated 92 men – with a median age of 45 – who were recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. Specifically, the study focused on erectile dysfunction and libido. Nearly 50% of the men in the study were diagnosed with some form or degree of erectile dysfunction – a very embarrassing condition indeed. The test group was observed one, three and six months after undergoing CPAP treatment. Surprisingly, all men saw improvement in erectile function and libido – especially the men who were diagnosed from the onset of the study.

In the end, it’s not really size that matters, but performance and the ability to get it up. This new study proving that dedicated CPAP treatment can improve sexual function is just one more benefit on the list of CPAP advantages. Because it’s not just men suffering, but women too – sleep apnea can significantly decrease sexual drive and libido in women. So, for all the men out there – and women too – if you want to give a little life back to your sex life, it may be time to explore CPAP as an option to tackle your sleep apnea. Once your sex life is on track, the rest of your life will fall in line too. So, aren’t you ready to get your groove back?


Source:  Heffron, Thomas. Men using CPAP see improvement in sexual function, satisfaction. American Academy of Sleep Medicine. June 13th 2012.