Cloth CPAP Masks – Try Something Different



If you’ve tried everything and you still aren’t satisfied with your CPAP mask, it may be time to try an unconventional solution. Whether you are allergic to silicone, irritated by the plastic against your skin, or uncomfortable with the hard plastic of a traditional mask, SleepWeaver masks will remedy the issue. They inflate with air once the machine is on and retain their shape as long is the air is blowing. The unique design allows SleepWeaver masks keep there seal even while touching the pillow.

These masks are available in three styles, so any CPAP user can find one to fit their needs and preferences.

sleepweaver-anewThe SleepWeaver Anew is the full-face version of the cloth mask. It covers the nose and mouth, so it’s a good option for patients who breathe through their mouth while they sleep. Traditional full-face masks can often be bulky and uncomfortable, but this one is lightweight and flexible, making for a much more comfortable experience. $159.00


9072The SleepWeaver Élan covers just the nose and ends above the mouth. This is a good alternative for patients who would normally use a nasal-style mask and want a smaller alternative to the SleepWeaver Anew, but a slightly more robust mask than the SleepWeaver Advance. $94.00



sleepweaver-advance The SleepWeaver Advance, at less than an ounce, is the smallest mask available from Circadiance. Out of the three options it is the least intrusive model. Patients who are currently using nasal pillows would most likely choose this mask. These masks are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you can choose one that matches your personal style. $89.99


Are you ready to experience the difference that a cloth mask can make for your nights’ sleep? Try one out today.