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Tailored for Women, Inside and Out

The perfect CPAP system for a woman shouldn’t just look different – it should feel different. The Airsense 10 AutoSet for Her is the only FDA approved CPAP machine made specifically for women with mild to moderate sleep apnea. Here are 3 ways women experience sleep apnea differently than men, and how the Airsense 10 AutoSet for Her steps up to address these differences:

Did you know that women wake up from their apneas (episodes where the airway closes completely) far easier than men? The Airsense 10 AutoSet for Her was built with that in mind, and delivers the proper pressures as gently as possible. So ladies, if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night one too many times when using a regular CPAP machine, the Airsense 10 AutoSet for Her will be a dream come true.
Women have shorter necks, and that means that lower pressures can open up their airways when they stop breathing. The Airsense 10 AutoSet for Her precisely emits just enough pressure to keep you breathing, preventing any bouts of strong air pressure that can be very uncomfortable if you don’t need it.
Because women’s airways close shut for a shorter amount of time, regular CPAP machines may completely miss those episodes. This can result in daytime sleepiness and other more troubling sleep apnea symptoms and side effects that persist even with use of a standard CPAP. The Airsense 10 AutoSet for Her is designed to be more sensitive to women’s apneas, resulting in a much better night’s sleep.

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Why Women Love the AirSense for Her

Underneath its stylish floral design is an incredibly intuitive and powerful machine that features:

  • Auto-titration: Automatically detects breathing rates on a moment-by-moment basis to deliver exactly the right pressure when you need it
  • Ultra-quiet motor: Makes for a peaceful environment so you can get your beauty sleep every night
  • MyAir app: Allows you to conveniently track all of your sleep therapy at home
  • Advanced comfort features: AutoRamp, SmartStart, and EPR help you drift off smoothly and breathe effortlessly throughout the night
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What are people saying about the AirSense 10 for Her?

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