Common CPAP Problems & Solutions | Part 4


Many CPAP users have to overcome similar obstacles when it comes to sleep therapy, such as:

  • CPAP causing headaches or other pains?
    • Ways to prevent headaches and sleep more comfortably
  • Noisy CPAP mask keeping you up?
    • Tips to reduce noise and sleep more peacefully
  • Returning to your CPAP after not using it for a while?
    • Important steps to help you start your CPAP therapy again and stick with it

Keep reading to fix these common CPAP problems.

CPAP Causing Headaches or Other Pains?

When you have to wear a mask for 8 hours at a time, you want it to be comfortable and efficient. Unfortunately, a lot of folks notice their headgear and mask giving them headaches and sinus or ear pains.

The number one cause of pain in the morning is an over-tightened mask, which causes the headgear to squeeze your skull throughout the night. But, there are a few other causes of CPAP headaches and other pains as well.

We’ve compiled some matching solutions to deal with them.

Noisy CPAP Mask Keeping You Up?

CPAP users are well acquainted with unwanted noise in the night. However, you shouldn’t need to put up with a noisy mask in exchange for your noisy snoring going away.

If you’ve found your mask is starting to squeak or whistle, then there are some steps you can take to stop that mask noise at its source.

Here are 4 ways to reduce the noise from your mask.

Returning to Your CPAP After Not Using It for a While?

Many people diagnosed with sleep apnea find they stop their CPAP therapy at some point. Whether due to a broken machine, a change in weight, or some other life-adjusting event, the CPAP therapy stops. For some folks, it’s because they think they no longer need it, and for others it’s because they can’t seem to keep compliant. But either way, it usually leads to them returning to CPAP after a few months, or even after a few years.

With how fast technology moves, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when trying to re-integrate into using a CPAP. Fear not, for we’ve compiled a list of the most important steps to help you start your CPAP therapy again and stick with it.

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