9 Things Every CPAP User Should Know


1. The Difference Between APAP vs. CPAP


The one big difference between an APAP (or Auto CPAP) and a standard CPAP is that an APAP automatically adjusts the air pressure based on your breathing, while a standard CPAP stays at one constant pressure. Your pressure needs can change based on your weight, health, stress level, or sleeping position. Auto CPAPs keep the pressure at the lowest possible setting that is still effective in preventing apneas. A fixed-pressure CPAP, on the other hand, stays at the same pressure no matter the circumstance. To get your standard CPAP adjusted you have to go back to your doctor. The APAP does all the adjusting for you and also makes your CPAP therapy more comfortable, because the therapy is tailored to suit your needs.

2. What to Do if You Don’t Have a Rx


Uh-oh. Your CPAP is broken and you don’t have a prescription. Don’t worry. You can purchase the CPAP Prescription Package and get a new prescription in as little as one business day. You don’t even have to leave the house. It all takes place online and you can order a new CPAP to be delivered right to your door. Full mask systems require a prescription, but most new masks can be purchased in two parts without a prescription. Add the headgear and the mask without headgear to the cart, and you will have everything you need. Check out all the most popular CPAP masks here. You can find instructions on how to order without a prescription in the product descriptions. Of course, you can always call 866-564-2252 for help.

3. Your CPAP Needs to be Cleaned A Lot


It is very easy for bacteria and mold to accumulate in the moist CPAP environment. This can cause sinus issues and other health problems. You need to clean your mask and tube daily, and your humidifier chamber and headgear once a week. All items should be washed with warm water and unscented mild soap. Don’t use vinegar or bleach! If this is too much work, try the SoClean 2 CPAP Sanitizer. Kill bacteria and mold daily with just the touch of a button.

4. You Can Find Comfort Outside of Your Comfort Zone


Some people are born mouth breathers and will always be mouth breathers. Many people are mouth breathers because of their untreated sleep apnea. After starting sleep apnea treatment, people can re-learn to sleep with their mouths closed. Full face masks are usually prescribed for CPAP users in the beginning, but they are bulky and oftentimes uncomfortable. Full face mask users, you might consider switching to a more minimal mask. You can try a new mask risk-free with our Mask Guarantee item. Just purchase it along with your mask and you are on the risk-free road to comfort.

5. Don’t Tighten Your Headgear, Replace Your Seal


You’ve had your mask for a while and it just isn’t sealing like it used to. You keep tightening your headgear more and more – making yourself more and more uncomfortable. Stop! Replace your seal instead. Seals wear down quicker than you think and this can cause loud annoying leaks. Keep a backup seal on hand. Insurance will cover two nasal pillows/cushions a month and one full face cushion a month.

6. Any Mask will Work with Any Machine


When you are looking to purchase a new mask or a new machine, don’t worry about compatibility problems. The mask and tube connections are universal. Any mask will work with any machine. It doesn’t matter what brand or model you have. Don’t believe me? Number 7 below is for you.

7. There is Probably Something Stuck in the Tube


It is common for CPAP users to think their mask just doesn’t work with their tube or machine. The mask won’t fit on the tube no matter what. There is a quick fix for this. A piece of your old mask is stuck in your tube. Both ends of the tube should have rubber connections. There should be no hard plastic part in the tube. If there is, hold the rubber tube end firmly and pull the hard plastic piece out. Once that pops out, your new mask will fit nicely.

8. Payment Plans are an Option


I don’t know about you, but $923 is a lot of money for me. I don’t want to compromise on the quality of my sleep, but I don’t want to pay $923 all at once. Luckily, Easy Breathe offers easy interest-free payment plans. There is no credit check so you can get a payment plan set up immediately and you will have your new CPAP before you know it.

9. Use Distilled Water


CPAP users sometimes complain that the bottom of their CPAP humidifier chamber has rusted through or that there are white deposits accumulating in the chamber. Tap water is to blame for this. The minerals in tap water shorten the life of the chamber and even the CPAP machine. When you are on vacation and can’t bring or find distilled water it is OK to use tap water for a few days, but switch back as soon as you get home. In vacation spots where you can’t drink the tap water, use bottled water for your CPAP.