CPAP Users Rave About Easy Breathe’s CPAP Prescription Package


Easy Breathe’s CPAP Prescription Package offers an easy, convenient, quick and affordable way to obtain a CPAP prescription. Purchase the CPAP Prescription Package for $99. Within 1 business day, you will receive a Sleep Apnea questionnaire via email. Once you complete the questionnaire, a U.S. licensed physician will review your answers and write you a prescription. You can use the prescription to purchase any CPAP mask, machine, or other CPAP supplies!

There are many reasons why CPAP users love the CPAP Prescription Package, but let them tell you more about it:

Why Wait Any Longer?

Once you have a prescription, Easy Breathe will keep it on file for 8 years. That’s $99 for a prescription that will be valid for 8 years! Getting your supplies will be a breeze, and if your machine ever stops working, you can be rest assured that a new one will be shipped to your door with no extra waiting, no more forms to fill out, and no hidden fees. ***

Ordering is easy when your prescription is on file. Check out the top CPAP masks and CPAP machines:

3 different masks


*** The CPAP Prescription Package is acceptable for all non-insurance orders.