The Z1 Auto CPAP Machine Will Change the Way You CPAP



It’s Possibly the Quietest and Lightest Auto-CPAP Available

When you’re traveling, you don’t want a CPAP that will weigh you down. With delayed flights and other travel headaches, you want a CPAP that is lightweight, but also super quiet. The Z1 Auto is insanely lightweight – at just over 10 ounces, you can fit it on to your carry-on bag and hardly know it’s there. When it comes to quiet CPAPs, the Z1 clocks it at only 26 decibels, which is basically whisper quiet. In essence, the Z1 is the ultimate travel companion.


The Pressure Setting Automatically Adjusts Throughout the Night

In the old days, small CPAP machines couldn’t pack in a lot of technology, so you basically got one stream of pressure that you couldn’t adjust. The Z1 may be small, but it is incredibly powerful when it comes to automatic CPAP technology. In fact, the Z1 will automatically adjust the pressure setting thousands of times per night – it does this by measuring your breathing, your body movements and a number of other factors. With the Z1, you’ll have a much more natural and comfortable CPAP experience.

 It Has An Optional Integrated Battery

z1 auto powershellAnother incredible feature that the Z1 comes with is the optional integrated battery – called the PowerShell. Basically, the PowerShell allows you the opportunity to get a full night of CPAP with a built in battery. That means cord-free power on a fully charged battery for an entire night – and you don’t have to purchase an extra battery. You could be on a plane half across the world and arrive at your destination completely refreshed. When it comes down to it, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another travel CPAP with these capabilities and this kind of power.


The Z1 Utilizes Smart Phone and Remote Technology

NiteLog_1Let’s face it – smartphones are an essential tool in this modern age. The makers of the Z1 know this fact full well, which is why they created Nitelog – a mobile application for the Z1 that allows you to record and view your CPAP compliance data. This data can help you better comply with CPAP and you can use the app as a remote control. This is yet another reason why the Z1 will change the way you CPAP.

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