XyliMelts Help Cure Dry Mouth from Your CPAP!



Dry mouth, cottonmouth, yuck mouth, or the scientific term xerostomia, is something that many CPAP users will experience, especially all those mouth breathers out there. In fact, it’s one of the most uncomfortable side effects from continuous positive airway pressure therapy. Most people experience the full brunt of it when they wake up in the morning. Now, however, there is a solution with XyliMelts for Dry Mouth, which will offer an all-night cure to xerostomia and it will leave your mouth feeling nice and minty fresh the next morning.

It’s All-Natural

XyliMelts works its magic by encouraging your mouth to produce more saliva. Over the course of the night, xylitol and cellulose – two completely natural ingredients – coat, moisturize, lubricate and soothe to relieve dry mouth. On top of that, sodium carbonate is released to help you maintain healthy teeth and to make your breath smell sparkling clean.

It’s Easy and Comfortable

When you use XyliMelts, it won’t even feel like it’s there. All you have to do is apply the adhering discs and it will stay in place all night. It won’t affect your breathing, talking or regular movements – it is totally non-invasive. It is important to keep XyliMelts in all night, because that is when your saliva production is at its lowest.

It Will Last All Night

XyliMelts will provide relief from dry mouth all night, so that when you wake up, you won’t have that all too familiar feeling like your mouth has gone through a drought. How does this work? – Well, XyliMelts incorporates a scientific technology that allows the ingredients to be slow-released and they are fully dissolving, so that by the morning all you are left with a minty fresh feeling in your mouth. It’s no wonder that people who chronically suffer from Dry Mouth are raving about XyliMelts.