Watch Rosie O’Donnell Talk About Getting Tested for Sleep Apnea


In the above segment, you will see television personality Rosie O’Donnell speak with guest Dr. Michael Breus about her diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea on ABC’s The View. In the beginning of the interview, Rosie discusses being apprehensive about visiting a sleep lab – as a lot of people are. But Dr. Breus – a sleep specialist –offered Rosie the opportunity to test herself for the disorder in the comfort of her own home. Luckily, Rosie did test herself, because as the below video illustrates, her sleep apnea is extremely severe and her life is drastically improved by CPAP therapy. Watch the entertaining, but at the same time extremely educational, video to learn more:

Could sleep apnea be slowly ruining your life and crumbling your health? You’ll never know until you get tested. There are many options when it comes to getting an official diagnosis of sleep apnea, but one of the fastest and most convenient ways is to conduct a home sleep test. For instance, the Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package offers you the ability to test yourself in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is order the test, fill out a quick questionnaire and then wear the testing device. You can then send the test back and a consulting physician will evaluate the results. If it is determined that you have sleep apnea, you will receive a prescription for CPAP therapy that will allow you to purchase a machine, a mask and other equipment to begin treatment.

As you can see in the video, if Rosie didn’t get tested she would have had no idea that she suffers from upwards of 200 or more apneas, or pauses, in breathing per night. Some of those apneas last up to 40 seconds. Can you imagine not being able to breathe for a whole 40 seconds? In the interview, Dr. Breus also mentions how important it is for women to get tested, because many women dismiss sleep apnea as a more benign sleep disorder, like insomnia. In the end, sleep apnea affects men and women alike – in a myriad of different ways – so it is crucial to get tested and begin CPAP treatment. Your life could literally be at stake.


Source: “Dr. Michael Breus helps Rosie O’Donnell with her sleep apnea,” The View. 6.30.2010.