Upgrade Your CPAP without a Trip to the Doctor


Save on the Easy Prescription Package When You Upgrade Your Machine or Mask

Did you know Easy Breathe offers a prescription renewal service? Just fill out a questionnaire and one of our licensed physicians will review it and write you a prescription. No need to visit the doctor’s office. Everything is taken care of online. We keep the prescription on file for 8 years, so all your future orders are hassle free.

Call 866-564-2252 to order or follow these steps to order online.

1. Add your favorite CPAP machine and/or mask to your cart.

2. If you are buying a machine use the coupon code CPAPRXSAVE and get the Prescription Package for free.

If you are buying just a mask, use the coupon code CPAPRX50 to save $50 on the Prescription Package (normally $99).

3. Fill out the questionnaire that is emailed to you.

4. You’re all set! We’ll take care of the rest. Once one of our licensed physicians reviews your questionnaire and writes a prescription, your order will ship immediately.


AirSense 10 AutoSet

AirSense 10 AutoSet


DreamStation Auto CPAPAirFit P10AirFit P10Shop AirFit P10


DreamWear Mask with HeadgearDreamWear MaskAirFit F20AirTouchShop AirFit F20