Top 4 CPAP Comfort Settings


Saying CPAP therapy has come a long way is quite an understatement. With its new technology, ResMed’s AirSense 11 AutoSet CPAP is ready to use its “smart” features to treat your sleep apnea like never before! This machine has the capability to understand your sleep apnea and deliver therapy that will adapt to your changing needs.

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What makes the AirSense 11 the Smartest CPAP in the World? Here are the top 4 comfort settings that will help you get the best sleep, every single night.

1. Auto-Titration

By far the best feature of the new AirSense CPAP is auto-titration. This means the machine will automatically adjust to ensure you get the exact pressure you need all night long.

Worried about needing a new sleep study if you upgrade to a new machine? Well, worry no more!

This auto-titrating feature means you won’t need a new sleep study to figure out your optimal pressure setting, because even with changing sleep patterns, weight loss, or other variations in your lifestyle, your machine will adjust your therapy to fit your unique needs at that time.

2. EPR

EPR, or “Expiratory Pressure Relief,” is an advanced comfort option that will reduce the pressure from your CPAP when you exhale, making it easier to breathe and helping your therapy feel as natural as possible.

Feeling comfortable while sleeping with your CPAP is crucial for getting the most out of your sleep therapy and ensuring you have the quality sleep you deserve. With this feature, each breath will be more restful than the last (as it should be).

3. SmartStart

What makes the AirSense so “smart,” you’re asking?

Well, one key reason is the Smart Start capability that allows the machine to automatically start CPAP therapy once you begin breathing into your mask.

And, if you need to get up during the night, the machine will also automatically stop therapy when your mask is removed.

This automatic start/stop function will allow you to begin and pause therapy quickly and easily, providing greater convenience with your CPAP.

4. Humidification and Heated Tubing

There’s nothing worse than dry air from your CPAP waking you up and making your mouth feel drier than the Sahara Desert. How does the AirSense address that and make therapy better?

First, it features a HumidAir humidifier chamber, designed to work more effectively and last throughout the night to give you those extra hours of sleep.

Second, it also has improved heated tubing that ensures water doesn’t condense in the tube, preventing you from getting wet and the air from becoming dry.

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