Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner Sale | Save $70 Today


Do you enjoy washing your CPAP supplies by hand everyday? If your answer is no.. read on

The Sleep8 is a quick and easy daily CPAP sanitizer.

  • The Sleep8 uses activated oxygen (ozone or O3) to kill over 99% of the mold, bacteria and viruses present on your CPAP equipment. No harsh chemicals, liquids or water.
  • Cleaning your CPAP used to be a pain. You had to take everything apart, wash it, and wait for it to dry. Not anymore, just 3 Easy Steps and you’re good to go.

For a limited time only, our newest CPAP cleaning solution is on SUPER Sale

  • Already marked down from $319 to $299, you can use the coupon code SLEEPCLEAN for an additional $50 off the Sleep8’s price so you’ll pay $249. That is $70 in savings!

Ready to make cleaning your CPAP supplies easier than ever?

Want to learn more about the Sleep8? 

Click below to watch a video about the Sleep8’s unique features.

What’s In The Box

Want to learn more about the Sleep8? 

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