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This mask is a dream come true.

The best-selling DreamWear Nasal Mask, Respironics’ innovative and minimal nasal mask, is the CPAP mask you’ve been waiting for! Its top-of-the-head tube design gives you the freedom to sleep in any position. It also features an under-the-nose cushion that will eliminate irritation and leaks.

The DreamWear could be yours for $0! Allow us to check with your insurance provider for you to find out what is covered (for free!). Click below to get started:

How does the DreamWear help?

Priced everyday at $130, order now and get the DreamWear for just $94! Just enter the code DREAM36 at checkout.

  • Under-the-nose nasal cushion: Seals discretely under, instead of on or in, the nose. No more irritation on your nose bridge!
  • Tube on top: Gives you the freedom to sleep in any position you would like.
  • Clear view: Read, chat, and wear glasses before bed without any extra hassle.
  • Soft, collapsible frame: Say goodbye to red marks! If airflow is blocked, airflow will increase on the other side to compensate.
The DreamWear's innovative features make this mask a true upgrade!

DreamWear Nasal MaskYour Old Mask
Top-of-the-head tube design gives you a clear view.Bulky masks are disruptive and cumbersome.
Under-the-nose nasal cushion means no more irritation on your nose bridge.Traditional nasal cushion designs can cause leaks and sores.
Soft, collapsible frame makes your comfort the priority, no matter the sleep position.Traditional frames can cause red marks and make sleeping on your side or stomach difficult.
Modular design and more sizing options ensure that you find the perfect fit.Older mask designs can make finding a good fit difficult.
About 85% of people will fit into a size medium for both the frame and the cushion. Click here to view the DreamWear's sizing guide. If you choose a size and your mask does not fit, not to worry! We offer a one-time sizing exchange.
If you decide that this mask isn't for you, you can return your mask within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked. We will give you 100% store credit to use towards a new mask that works for you! OR You can purchase the DreamWear with our Mask Guarantee and have the option to return your mask within 30 days for a full refund.
People love the DreamWear's minimal and innovative design. Here are a few reviews from our customers:

"Best mask I have ever used. Hose is out of the way and no more mask leaks. I did not realize how much more energy I would have during the day by having the full benefit of a mask that fit all night and did not wake me because of fighting the hose. Love love it." -Kila

"Very lightweight and comfortable. Love not having tubing at my neck!" -Alison

"I am now sleeping better than I have ever slept in my 65 years. This mask is so comfortable it’s like I don’t have a mask on at all. I just cannot express how pleased I am as I can’t get to bed early enough. Buy it !!!!!!" -Edward B.
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Ready to upgrade your sleep?

CPAP users will be in good hands with the DreamWear Nasal Mask. You can sleep in any position you would like and eliminate red marks and discomfort. Why wait any longer to sleep more restfully on your own terms? Try the DreamWear now!

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*One coupon code per order. Cannot be applied to previous orders. Not valid on insurance orders.

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