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Simple and effective. Introducing the AirFit F30

The brand-new AirFit F30 Full Face Mask, ResMed’s first minimal-contact full face CPAP mask, is available now! With this mask’s innovative features, you can wake up without red marks, simplify your bedtime routine, and create a more peaceful sleep environment.

The AirFit F30 could be yours for $0! Allow us to check with your insurance provider for you to find out what is covered (for free!). Click below to get started:

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  • Minimal design: Allows you to wear glasses in bed and curl up closer to your bed partner, and reduces claustrophobia.
  • Under-the-nose full face cushion: Reduces red marks and irritation on the nasal bridge.
  • QuietAir technology: Makes for a quieter experience for you and your bed partner.
  • Quick-release elbow, magnetic clips and universal headgear: Makes fitting and taking your mask on and off easier than ever.
The F30's innovative new features make it a true upgrade!

ResMed AirFit F30Your Old Mask
Minimal design leaves you a clear view.Old designs make it harder to read, watch TV, or talk before bed.
Under-the-nose cradle cushion reduces red marks and irritation.Over-the-nose cushions can be uncomfortable and leak.
QuietAir technology makes for the most peaceful environment for you and your bed partner.Noisy air leaks can be disruptive and interrupt your night's sleep.
Unique headgear design gives you a perfect fit every time.Complicated headgear can make finding and keeping a good fit difficult.
About 85% of people will fit into a size medium. You can view the sizing guide for the F30 by clicking here. If your mask does not fit, not to worry! We offer a one-time sizing exchange.
If you decide that this mask isn't for you, you can return your mask within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked. We will give you 100% store credit to use towards a new mask that works for you!
You can purchase the F30 with our Mask Guarantee and have the option to return your mask within 30 days for a full refund.
People love the F30's innovative and minimal design. Here are a few reviews of the F30 from our customers:

"I am a new CPAP user, but listened to many horror stories about finding the right mask before trying to find the right mask... The F30 takes a similar design [to the DreamWear Full Face] (covers the mouth and sits below the nose) but rolls the mask up about a 1/2" around the sides of the nose, which eliminates 95% of the lateral slippage I had with the DreamWear mask. I highly recommend this mask if the design is comfortable for you." --Adam

"I absolutely love this mask! It's easy to use, clean, and sleep with!" --Lisa
Yes! Insurance companies cover new masks and mask parts on a recommended replacement schedule. Do you want to find out if you're due for a new mask?

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Take the step towards a more restful sleep.

CPAP users will be in good hands with the AirFit F30. Compared to the leading minimal-contact tube-down full face mask, 80% of users said that the AirFit F30 was easier to use and 66% of users felt the AirFit F30 had a more stable fit and better seal. Based on published performance, the AirFit F30 has also proven to be quieter (Source). Why wait any longer to sleep more restfully on your own terms? Try the brand new AirFit F30 now!

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