New Product Announcement: ResMed’s First Minimal-Contact Full Face Mask, AirFit F30


Introducing the AirFit F30

ResMed has announced its first minimal-contact full face CPAP Mask, the AirFit F30. The newest full face mask is designed to reduce mask marks, and allows users to wear glasses in bed and curl up closer to their bed partner. Unlike most traditional full face mask cushions, the AirFit F30 mask cushion sits below the nasal bridge. This new design prevents red marks and irritation on the nose, and also reduces feelings of claustrophobia for full face users. The AirFit F30 also features ResMed’s latest QuietAir vent for a quiet experience, magnetic clips to easily put on and take off the mask, and a one-size-fits-all headgear to ensure an accurate fit.

AirFit F30 outperforms leading mask of its kind in fit, seal, and ease of use

Compared to the leading minimal-contact tube-down full face mask, 80% of users said that the AirFit F30 was easier to use and 66% of users felt the AirFit F30 had a more stable fit and better seal. Based on published performance, the AirFit F30 has also proven to be quieter. (Source)