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In need of a new mask? Save on ResMed’s most popular masks with our offers on all types of masks.

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1. Full Face Masks

Full face masks are recommended for all CPAP users that breathe through their mouth at night. Don’t let the name fool you though, these masks won’t cover your full face like designs of old. No more cross bars, weird hinges or hard plastics against your face.

The newest masks like the AirFit F30 and AirFit F30i fit nicely under the nostrils and over the mouth. This means you’re free to wear glasses and get comfortable in bed long before you fall asleep.

Thanks to these newer designs, these masks have better seals than old masks, preventing annoying leaks.

Save up to $20 on your new ResMed full face mask!

2. Nasal Masks

Nasal masks are great for those who do not breathe through their mouth at night. Smaller than full face masks, these provide strong seals around or under the nose. They also often have less headgear than full face masks, which cuts down on what you feel against you during the night.

Nasal masks are best for people who don’t need a full face mask, but want a secure seal on their nose all night long. Both the AirFit N30 and the AirFit N30i provide secure seals with a wide range of mobility so you don’t have to worry about what position you sleep in.

Want to try a nasal mask with your CPAP? Save on the best designs from ResMed today!

Save up to $20 on the best of ResMed’s nasal masks!

3. Nasal Pillow Masks

Nasal pillow masks are similar to nasal cushion masks, but with less contact overall. They’re even more minimal, making seals just with the edge of your nostrils. These are the smallest CPAP masks around, and provide strong seals with the nose.

If you’re looking for the least contact with your mask possible, a nasal pillow mask is the way to go. The minimal contact helps prevent irritation through the night from materials rubbing against your skin as you sleep.

Between the classic AirFit P10 simple shape with tube out the front, and the modern AirFit P30i with it’s innovative tube on top design, there’s a nasal pillow mask for everyone.

Save up to $30 on popular ResMed nasal pillow masks!

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