Quattro Air CPAP Mask System – Product Review


There is nothing better than lighter and sleeker, especially when it comes to something you wear on your face night after night. When it comes to CPAP masks, technology has certainly advanced, but it seems that innovative product design has always lagged slightly behind. Masks always seem to fit imperfectly and the straps always seem to be too bulky, which can be especially troublesome if you have a petite cranial circumference.  With the Quattro Air Mask System – for him and her – you’ll be saying, “Finally, a CPAP mask that fits and feels good on.” When it comes to finding a CPAP mask you can actually wear – now that is a breath of fresh air.

Quattro Air For Her - Product Shot - Mask with Headgear

CPAP therapy is vital for sufferers of sleep apnea, so why shouldn’t comfort be a key factor too? – You do have to sleep with it on, right? The Quattro Air Mask System isn’t just the lightest and sleekest mask on the CPAP market – at almost half the weight of its cousin the Quattro Mirage – it also has a whole host of features that will offer an unbelievably incredible night’s sleep for you and whomever might be next to you, because when it comes to sleep apnea, it is often not only the person with sleep apnea that suffers.

The Quattro Air is the lightest full face mask on the market. Its sleek, lightweight design with only four parts makes it easy to use for a comfortable and simple therapy experience.

If you have a partner with sleep apnea, it can be a little bit like sleeping next to Darth Vader, but the Quattro Air for Her CPAP mask is unique because it has diffused vents, which quietly directs the air away from you and your bed partner. Not only that, but this technologically advanced mask is also possibly the most comfortable CPAP mask on the market. First, you have the patented dual-wall cushion and enhanced design at the nasal bridge that improves the seal. Secondly, you also have the flex-wing forehead support that auto-adjusts for an even better – nearly customizable – fit. Furthermore, the Quattro Air also has a much smaller, facial footprint, so that the mask doesn’t feel like a burden on your face.

Quattro Air - Product Shot - 3/4 RHS Exploded View

With the Quattro Air mask system, it’s all in the title, because that’s how it will feel sleeping with this mask on – like nothing is there at all. But not only will you feel great wearing it – the whole process of wearing this mask feels better too. The Quattro Air mask system mask is incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble, which is important for the benefit of cleaning, maintenance and having an all around positive user experience. With only four simple parts – the fewest of any leading full face mask – all you need to do is click into place and voila. In addition, the quick-release elbow allows for unbelievably simple detachment – without having to take off your mask. If you are looking for sleeker, lighter and more intuitive – a mask that you can finally feel comfortable wearing – the Quattro Air Mask System is for you.