New! SleepStyle Auto CPAP

Introducing the newest CPAP machine, the Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Auto!  With a comprehensive range of comfort features and thoughtful simplicity woven into its design, the SleepStyle is where comfort and simplicity come together to give you a better night’s sleep. The SleepStyle uses an auto-adjusting pressure algorithm and world-class technology to give you the sleep therapy you deserve.

Special Features

Quiet performance and compact– The SleepStyle has the power pack and humidifier integrated into the design for a fully featured CPAP device with a a small footprint. A convenient carry-bag is also included.

Easy to use – A simple menu and large easy-to-press buttons allows for easy adjustments to your therapy. The SleepStyle is the only CPAP machine with American Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation, meaning every detail of the SleepStyle has been carefully considered to make it easy for you to use.

SensAwake Technology – Works automatically throughout the night to detect periods of wakefulness, and reduces the pressure to a more comfortable level, easing the return to sleep.

Built-in Modem – Ensures automated data transfer with your physician or provider to ensure you are compliant with your therapy

SleepStyle App – Allows you to track your own data with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone


Easy-access chamber – a simple push of the button on the lid gives access to the water chamber, which is easy to clean and fill.

ThermoSmart Humidification – The new ThermoSmart breathing tube with AirSpiral technology is designed to minimize condensation, reduce heat loss, and reduce the pull on your mask to promote comfort and stability.

Expiratory Relief Pressure – Automatically relieves air pressure every time you breathe out, to make breathing more comfortable.

Special Offer When You Order Today!

Get a free CPAP Prescription Renewal when you purchase the SleepStyle Auto CPAP today! Upgrade to the SleepStyle and skip a trip to the doctor with our fast and easy CPAP Prescription Package.

1. Add the SleepStyle Auto CPAP to your cart.

2. Select ‘Yes, Add CPAPRX’ from the drop-down menu.

3. Enter the coupon code FREECPAPRX  at checkout to get the Prescription Package ($99 value!) for free.

4. Fill out the questionnaire that is emailed to you.

5. You’re all set! We’ll take care of the rest. Once one of our licensed physicians reviews your questionnaire and writes a prescription, your order will ship immediately.

*One coupon code per order. Cannot be applied to insurance orders or previous orders.

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