NEW! First Ever Colored CPAP Tubing


Brighten up your CPAP therapy with Easy Breathe’s one-of-a-kind colored Ultra CPAP Tubing! These non-heated tubes are universally compatible with all CPAP and BiLevel machines. Choose between three colors: Blue, Black, and Orange. Our high quality Ultra CPAP Tubes are manufactured in the USA and only available on our website.

Ultra CPAP Tubing Features:

  • 3 Colors to Choose From – These CPAP tubes deviate from the norm and allow you to bring color into your CPAP thearpy. Choose between black, blue or orange tubing.
  • Slimline – Sleek, lightweight tubing is aesthetically pleasing due to less bulk.
  • Increased Durability – Reinforced rubber cuffs prevent the cuff from separating from the tube.