The Lightest CPAP Mask On The Market Is Now Only $99


How is the AirFit P10 Different?

Falling asleep and staying asleep has never been easier. With an ultra-light tube, minimalist headgear, and quiet vents, you might forget you’re wearing the AirFit P10 at all. If you’re used to a noisy, outmoded CPAP mask, you won’t believe how quiet the P10 is.
  • Unique woven-mesh venting diffuses exhaled air.
  • A shocking 50% quieter and 50% lighter than its previous version.
  • In a recent study, people got up to 40 minutes more sleep with the Airfit P10 when compared with the Swift FX.

Features and Benefits

Also available in a pink version for Her.

What Do CPAP users love about the AirFit P10?

The AirFit P10 makes it easy to find your ideal sleeping position.

“So comfortable in any sleeping position with zero leakage no matter how I turn my head. The end result is a great night’s sleep without wakeups caused by the mask leaking when I switch positions.” – Joe G.

The Airfit P10 is lightweight and gentle on your face. 

“I actually forget I am wearing anything on my face. No irritation… The cloth straps are very comfortable.” – Vincent C. 

The Airfit P10 maximizes the amount of sleep you get each night.

This is the best mask that I have used in the past six years. I find the pillows fit snug, no air blowback, which I had on my previous mask, and it is lightweight… I am happy I came across this mask, sleep is so more restful now.” – Richard S.

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Now that the price of the AirFit mask system has been slashed to $99 (you also get free shipping), it is the perfect time to try this nasal pillow mask system for yourself. You’ll love it, your partner will love it and you’ll find yourself better rested and energized the next day with the AirFit P10.

The AirFit P10 could be yours for $0! Allow us to check with your insurance provider for you to find out what is covered (for free!). Click below to get started: