Don’t Let CPAP Weigh You Down – Lightest CPAP Masks and Machines


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Nasal Pillow Masks


AirFit P10 – This mask is incredibly light and whisper-quiet. The soft elastic headgear is easy to put on and adjust.


Brevida – The Brevida is designed to be minimal, comfortable, and secure. The headgear is a single strap with velcro adjustments for a proper fit, and the innovative AirPillow™ inflates to form a gentle and effective seal in and around your nose.

Nasal Masks


AirFit N30 – ResMed’s lightest option yet features a nasal cradle cushion with front-end tubing. The N30 is small, simple and discreet, designed to easily fit right out of the package.


DreamWear – This tube-on-top mask keeps your CPAP tube up and out of the way. Plus, the soft silicone frame prevents unsightly red marks and is so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re even wearing a mask!

Full Face Masks


AirFit F30 – The ResMed F30 is a smaller, more modern, full face mask. The cushion was designed to reduce facial marks/irritation and allows users to wear glasses in bed for better comfort.


DreamWear Full Face – The innovative design gives you freedom of movement while you sleep and prevents red marks, discomfort, and irritation on the nose bridge. This mask allows you to wear glasses, read, or watch TV before bed due to its unobstructed view.

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AirMini – The AirMini weighs less than a pound and is the smallest CPAP on the market today. This small CPAP will fit easily in your carry-on and is the perfect travel buddy. Stylish carrying cases are available to make traveling that much easier.


AirSense 11 AutoSet – You don’t want a giant CPAP taking up all the room on your nightstand. The AirSense has the smallest footprint of all the leading non-travel CPAPs.

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