A Few Good Reasons Why You Need An Auto-Titrating CPAP Machine


Things are continually progressing forward. If things didn’t move forward, we’d still be using antiquated machinery to grind mill and sew our own clothes – you can forget about smart phones and Candy Crush. More importantly, though, there wouldn’t be CPAP – you would still be as miserable as you were before you started treatment for your obstructive sleep apnea. But even in the world of CPAP there are big technological leaps forward, which is the reason why you may be ready for an upgrade. Are you ready for a lighter, quieter and more advanced CPAP experience? Such is the experience you can have if you update right now to the AirSense 10 AutoSet – an auto-titrating CPAP machine from ResMed that is truly revolutionary.

What Is Auto-Titration?

The gorgeous and technologically advanced AirSense 10 AutoSet is a “smart” CPAP machine that utilizes the amazing power of auto-titration, which means that it literally breathes with you. Using the AutoSet Advantage algorithm, the AirSense provides the optimal pressure setting exactly when you need it, so you never have to worry about having too little or too much pressure ever again. The algorithm is so advanced that it measures how hard you are breathing, how loud you are snoring, and even what sleeping position you are in. If the AirSense detects that you need more pressure, it will give you more pressure, but if the algorithm senses that your body is more relaxed, it will decrease the pressure setting, which will result in one of the most comfortable CPAP experiences you’ve ever had. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for air-conditioned-box-seating-with-chicken-wings comfortable.

Why the AirSense 10?

The obvious answer is: why not? However, we haven’t even gotten started on how much the AirSense can revolutionize not only your CPAP experience, but also your nightly sleep experience. For one thing, the AirSense may just be quietest CPAP machine on the market – the motor has been custom designed to be whisper quiet and the tube has been insulated, so you could literally hear a pin drop when the AirSense is running. The AirSense is also sleek, intuitive, and sexy with on-display data reporting and a warm-up indicator – it will make your boring nightstand look good. Not only that, but the AirSense comes with an optional climate-controlled heated hose, which has a sensor that detects the ambient room temperature, so you never have to worry about rainout or condensation splashing in your face. And one of the most exciting things about the AirSense line is the model made especially for women. The AirSense 10 for Her responds to female specific sleep apnea characteristics, such as more subtle apneas and smaller airways.

Will You Love the AirSense 10 Too?

The AirSense has been getting rave reviews from Easy Breathe customers, which is understandable – it’s an amazing machine. Mark, a seasoned CPAP user has only nice things to say,  “I’ve been using a CPAP machine since 1998. I’m on my 4th machine now and this one is amazing! Since it automatically adjusts to the input of pressure it senses you need you do not feel that ‘pressure’ in your ears feeling when you turn it on and it’s nice to have a daily readout of the pressure used and the average of hourly episodes for the night! I have a greater sense of the effectiveness of this machine as a therapy device. It is also interesting to see that the number of episodes can vary from night to night, perhaps related to sleep position, level of stress during the day, or other factors? It’s also extremely quiet, and easy to clean.” 

Do I Need a Prescription to Upgrade?

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to go to a doctor or visit a sleep lab to get a prescription to upgrade to the AirSense. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your house. With the CPAP Prescription Package, you can get your hands on a renewed prescription in as little as 24 hours. All you have to do is purchase the package and within one business day, you will get a short questionnaire to fill out. After you complete the form, you can turn it in electronically – no licking gross stamps or envelopes, and no hassle. After that, a physician will review your questionnaire and voila – Easy Breathe will send you a notice once your prescription is ready. When all is said and done, you’ll wonder why you didn’t upgrade to the AirSense sooner.