Free CPAP Prescription Renewal With AirMini Travel CPAP


Your current CPAP machine is likely cumbersome — it’s large, heavy, and simply a sore sight on your nightstand.

ResMed’s AirMini Auto Travel CPAP is a thing of wonder. The smallest, lightest CPAP machine available, the AirMini will revolutionize the way you think about CPAP therapy and travel. Today, when you buy the AirMini you’ll also receive a FREE CPAP Prescription ($99 value).

And you won’t even need to see the doctor.

We’re not monkeying around when we say the AirMini is small and light. In fact, at only 0.66 lbs, the AirMini weighs less than two bananas!

The AirMini is small enough to rest on your hand, making it easier to pack than a laptop. Have another boring flight to catch for that business trip to Middle-of-Nowhere, Nebraska? Pack the AirMini in your carry-on luggage and have the freedom to sleep comfortably on the plane.

And there's no stopping you from using it at home too!
The AirMini does most of the work for you. The AirMini is auto-titrating, meaning it will automatically adjust according to your breathing instead of being set to one fixed pressure setting. That means better therapy with no extra work.

Better yet, monitor and adjust your therapy with the AirMini App! Paired with the AirMini's size, the app makes this CPAP the most convenient machine on the market.
Who Wants to Visit the Doctor Anymore?

Up until now, you've always had to visit your doctor to renew your prescription. It's the 21st century and the internet isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so we're able to make getting a new prescription 10x easier.

For a limited time, you can get a FREE CPAP prescription renewal without a trip to the doctor.

Our prescription package (normally $99) provides a renewal prescription in as little as 1 business day, and you don't have to step foot outside!

How does it work? There are only 3 steps:

The prescription will be emailed to you, and is valid for 8 years. We will also keep your prescription on file, making it easy for you to get your CPAP supplies from Easy Breathe.
People love the speed and convenience of the CPAP Prescription Package! Here are a few reviews from our customers:

"When it came time for a new machine, everywhere I looked, everyone wanted a rx from a Dr. I already had a sleep study done and I know I need cpap. Not wanting to go through everything again, the opportunity to get a new machine without the hassle was great. Answer a few questions and after the review, everything was taken care of. Would definitely recommend this option." --Frank

"I would use easybreathe's prescription package again in a heartbeat. It is that quick and easy to use without the hassle and expense of unnecessary doctor appointments and redone sleep studies." --Kristina R.

"After fighting with the supplier that had my Rx to get a new machine, they would not give it to me and were forcing me to go through the whole study again. (they give the study and sell the high priced machines, go figure) One call and everything was taken care of, overnight shipping too. Cheaper than using my insurance. Well worth it. Thanks guys." --Tim

"EASIEST CPAP PRESCRIPTION RENEWAL EVER!! Fast and easy., and best of all - no return trips to a specialist with high co-pays!" --Pam D.

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