Five Pokémon Characters That Definitely Have Sleep Apnea



People all over the world are devoting their time to catching Pokemon. People are loosing sleep and so are the Pokemon themselves. Some are suffering even more than others, which leads us to believe they may have sleep apnea.



The Psyduck is short, round, and has a bill – it sort of looks like a duck, which is exactly what it really is. What’s unique about the Psyduck – besides its psychic powers – is that it suffers from a near chronic, crippling headache. Apparently, the Pokémon character’s powers come from the anger caused by the incessant headaches. Sound familiar? – The Psyduck definitely has sleep apnea, because headaches and fatigue are two of the tell tale signs of the disorder.



There is nothing really to compare a Clefairy to, besides maybe a little piglet with horn-like ears. What’s interesting about Clefairy is that it looks happy and cuddly, but it actually spends all night dancing under the moonlight when it can’t sleep. Plus, it rarely interacts with anyone or anything, which is a sign that this Pokémon character may be suffering from the early symptoms of sleep apnea. Sure, its wings can allow it to store moonlight and float, but what good is that if you can’t sleep?



A cross between a salamander and a hippopotamus, you could diagnose this Pokémon character with sleep apnea just by looking at it. But when you look closer, you will notice that the symptoms are actually a lot more obvious than that: the Slowpoke has a dim intellect and it usually forgets what it’s doing. For instance, it can take an entire day for the Slowpoke to realize that its tail has been bitten off by something. Indeed, sleep apnea is known to cause cognitive difficulties, so perhaps its time for Slowpoke to get tested for the sleep disorder.



What’s in a name? – Everything if you are the Pokémon character Drowzee, which sounds like a pet name for someone with sleep apnea. With an elongated, but stubby snout, Drowsee is able to put people to sleep just by how hypnotic it is. When you think about it, Drowsee is like the Pokémon incarnation of sleep apnea, but there is a good chance that the character suffers from the condition too. Sometimes Drowsee gets so angry that it eats people’s dreams. Yep, sounds like sleep apnea.


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Last, but certainly not least, you have Snorlax. With a huge underbite and a very rotund belly, this Pokémon character has some of the physical characteristics of sleep apnea. However, there are some other characteristics too, like the fact that the Snorlax is called a Snorlax. Also, the Snorlax can be found sleeping in random places all over Kanto, which is the world that the Pokémon live in. Luckily, the Snorlax has the right sized face for a CPAP mask, like the Quattro Air Mask System – perhaps if the Snorlax underwent CPAP treatment, it wouldn’t be so easy to catch, which is great for the Snorlax, but not so great for the Pokémon hunter.