Five Halloween Costumes That Incorporate Your CPAP Mask


It’s almost Halloween, which means that you have to start thinking of a costume. Our customers often joke about how their CPAP masks make them look. Now is the time to embrace the somewhat strange appearance of your CPAP mask and incorporate your old mask in your costume. CPAP is serious business, but it is OK to have some fun and re-purpose those old supplies.


1. Fighter Pilot

One of the most fun things you can be for Halloween, and include your AirFit F10 CPAP mask, is a fighter pilot. Courageous, cool, and heroic – the fighter pilot will be everyone’s friend at the costume party. You can visit an army surplus store for a jumpsuit, then all you’ll need is few patches and voila. Oh and don’t forget your CPAP mask, so it really looks like you are ready to jump into the cockpit.


Elephant2. Elephant

This is a creative one, but if you have a Swift FX Bella CPAP mask, you could easily be an elephant for Halloween. This doesn’t have anything to do with weight by the way. All you need is a great fuzzy gray fabric. You can fashion the fabric into a one-piece suit. Then you need to fit your CPAP mask and hose with the same fabric for a trunk. Ta da! – You’re an elephant.


Bane3. Bane

When Bane made his appearance in The Dark Knight Rises, it scared everyone half to death. So, there is no better Halloween costume than Bane. And if you are a sleep apnea sufferer and use a CPAP, you have the perfect accessory for your Bane costume. You’ll just have to get creative with the paint.


Darth4. Darth Vader

Ah, Darth – the greatest movie villain of all time. Also, he’s the character that most people reference when using a CPAP mask . All you need for your Darth costume is a black cape, a helmet and one of those old calculators to put on your chest. And, of course, you’ll need your CPAP mask – not only to look like Darth Vader, but also to sound him. Not everyone will be able to imitate James Earl Jones, but you can get close.


Ant-Eater5. Anteater

This is another animal costume that includes your CPAP mask, but if you are creative enough you can definitely pull it off. Remember: anteaters have a big bushy tail. And they have sort of a stripy thing going down their back, which you can include or not include. With your CPAP mask and hose, you’ll be the best looking anteater in town.


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