CPAP Therapy – Unsung Hero in the Super Bowl


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Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life. Just ask Percy Harvin and Red Bryant of the 2014 Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. Amped up prior to Super Bowl XLVIII, you can bet there were some sleepless nights for players on both teams, but these two Pro Bowl selections didn’t have any trouble putting their heads on the pillow and sawing logs before the NFL’s biggest game. Why you ask? Both were diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and have been battling this disorder for years using CPAP therapy. After undergoing CPAP therapy each has experienced a rejuvenation in their play and even helped Bryant secure a five-year $35 million contract with the Seahawks. That is the equivalent of nearly 50,000 S9 AutosetsWhat’s keeping you from getting your $35 million contract?!

What would Bryant and Harvin do if their CPAP machines broke on the eve of the biggest day of their lives?!

They would purchase the CPAP RX Package to get a CPAP prescription in as little as 24 hours!


Six-year veteran defensive end, Red Bryant had little trouble adjusting to his offseason diagnosis of sleep apnea in 2012. After a disappointing season in 2012, the extra sleep from CPAP therapy helped him become a different player, one who contributed a major role in Seattle’s strong performance in stopping the run, helping secure the league’s number one overall defense. These accomplishments undoubtedly help Red sleep more comfortably these days but the Nuance Pro Gel is the real unsung hero in the equation. The Nuance Pro Gel is a breakthrough nasal pillow mask in CPAP technology and is the first and only Gel Pillows mask made by Phillips Respironics. Red loves the gel fitting in his nose… a major upgrade from the Comfort Gel!


On the offensive side of the ball, Percy Harvin, Seattle’s offseason Wide Receiver acquisition is turning heads because of the exquisite sleep his CPAP is providing him.How good is this kid?! Harvin was the Hawks biggest question mark and wildcard going into the big game as he had played only 40 snaps all season because he was recovering from a debilitating hip injury. However, he’s still known as one of the NFL’s most talented receivers, leading to his signing of a six-year $67 million contract… an equivalent of 567,796 ResMed AirFit P10 Mask Systems. Boy did it ever pay off! Carrying the ball only twice, Harvin Rushed for 45 yards, but his biggest play of the game was returning the second-half kickoff 89 yards to the end zone, essentially sucking all the life out of the Broncos comeback chances. You bet your buns he slept like a king later that night (or maybe the next day, as he may have enjoyed a celebratory beverage or two)! Making sure to always look fresh, wearing the newest, hottest gear, Percy Harvin undoubtedly sports the AirFit P10 Mask System to bed when the Sandman cometh. The high-level performance the pillows offer as well as the comfort and reliability have CPAP users raving and was surely an underlying contributor to Harvin’s dynamite performance that Sunday in the Meadowlands.

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As we have said goodbye to the 2013/2014 NFL Season, we have learned from the Seahawks that defense does, in fact, win championships. They had a tall order doing so, as well, facing the league’s number one offense in the Denver Broncos. Led by Peyton Manning, arguably the greatest Quarterback in the history of the game, this mile high offense experienced success nearly a mile high throughout the regular and post seasons, producing the most points ever scored by an NFL team in a single season, an effort that broke a myriad of other offensive records as well. However, that all came to an abrupt halt in the 2014 Super Bowl as Harvin and Bryant’s Seahawks held them to a season low 8-points.

The questions remains – would the Seahawks still have been so dominant if Bryant and Harvin’s CPAP machines broke on the eve of the biggest day of their lives?!

CPAPRX-Display-Ad-4There’s no doubt that they would indeed because Bryant and Harvin would have purchased the CPAP RX Package from Easy Breathe, a service that can secure a CPAP prescription in as little as 24 hours… That was easy.