CPAP Spotlight: ResMed’s AirSense 11 Auto CPAP


Introducing ResMed’s Newest CPAP, the AirSense 11.

Eight years ago, ResMed created the AirSense 10 AutoSet CPAP to help revolutionize sleep therapy. Now, they’ve made the AirSense 11, the latest leap in CPAP innovation.

Built for home and travel use, this CPAP is ResMed’s smartest CPAP yet. The AirSense 11 is lighter, quieter, and more customizable than previous auto CPAPs.

The AirSense 11 is the new and improved version of the customer favorite original AirSense 10 AutoSet. Here's what's different about the AirSense 11:
  • Color touchscreen: The AirSense 11 utilizes an intuitive color touchscreen to navigate menus and settings, available at the press of a finger.
  • Personal Therapy Assistant: Great for those that are uncomfortable falling asleep to CPAP, Personal Therapy Assistant helps acclimate you to CPAP therapy.
  • Care Check-In: Receive tailored guidance through key milestones in your treatment journey with easy to answer questions on the device or in your MyAir app.
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Yes! Most insurance companies cover a new CPAP machine every 5 years. We recommend the new ResMed AirSense 11 because of its advanced comfort features, easy-to-use interface, and whisper quiet technology.

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Now that the AirSense 11 is in production, most manufacturing effort has shifted over from the AirSense 10 to the AirSense 11.

As there's been a CPAP shortage due to high increases in demand over the last 2 years, ResMed has prioritized making new models. But, chip shortages has left a gap between demand and production, so ResMed is still making the AirSense 10 C2C version available.

The C2C version has all the bell's and whistles of the original AirSense 10, but without the built in wireless reporting. If that feature is one you need, order your new AirSense 11 soon to make sure you have the machine you need.

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