Is Your CPAP Mask Prehistoric?


5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Mask

Is your mask prehistoric?1. You Feel Your Treatment is Less Effective

Your CPAP therapy was working great, but lately you’ve been waking up tired. Keep replacement parts on hand so you can swap out old parts as soon as you feel a reduction in therapy quality.

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2. Increase in Mask Leaks

When your mask gradually starts leaking more and more, it’s time to check your mask and headgear for signs of wear.

3. Your Cushion/Pillow Doesn’t Look Like it Used To

Does your cushion or pillow feel slippery even after cleaning it? Is the cushion yellowing or have dirt that will just not come off? Has the cushion lost its spring? If you answered yes to one of these questions it might be time to replace your cushion or pillow.

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4. Stretched Out Headgear

Headgear gets stretched out after repeated use, not unlike the collar of your favorite t-shirt. Sometimes, it’s good to know when to call it quits. If you need to keep ratcheting down your headgear more and more, toss it. To extend the life of your headgear, as it begins to stretch out wash it in hot water and lay it flat to dry. This will help it retain its shape.

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5. Your Mask is Irritating Your Skin

Your mask was working fine, but now your are breaking out and getting red marks. If you have had your mask a long time dirt and oil will break it down. It is also hard to get old masks clean. Plus your stretched out headgear that needs to be really tight to hold the seal. Combine these problems and it is a recipe for skin disaster.

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