Common CPAP Problems & Solutions | Part 1


There are a number of hurdles that can get in the way of staying compliant with your sleep therapy, such as:

  • What is causing the noise in your machine?
    • Solutions to remedy your loud CPAP problem
  • Are you getting dry mouth from CPAP?
    • Fix this common CPAP problem for a more comfortable sleep
  • Is your CPAP pressure suffocating you?
    • 4 tips for getting your CPAP therapy and pressure perfect

Keep reading to fix these common CPAP problems.

What Is Causing The Noise In Your Machine?

A noise coming from your CPAP is unsettling and distressing. Is it a banging? A whirring? What’s the problem that’s causing this unusual sound from an otherwise consistent device?

Well there are a few different causes for an unexpected noise from your CPAP, and we break down the most most common ones for you here.

Here are possible reasons why your CPAP is being noisy.

Are You Getting Dry Mouth From CPAP?

Dryness and discomfort associated with dry mouth are some of the most common issues for CPAP users. That’s not surprising, considering the CPAP machine is blowing air straight into the user’s nasal and oral passageways.

Dry mouth can lead to congestion and soreness, and often leads many people with sleep apnea to resist treatment.

Don’t worry—we have a number of solutions to help you deal with dry mouth.

Is Your CPAP Pressure Suffocating You?

A lot of folks feel like they’re drowning in the air that their CPAP provides, which is the exact opposite effect of what a CPAP machine should do.

So what causes this common problem, and more importantly: how do you fix it? There’s a few different reasons why folks feel this uncomfortable sensation. We’ve come up with a list of solutions so you won’t feel like you can’t breathe when you’re just trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Here’s why you may feel like you’re suffocating when you use your CPAP, and how to solve it.

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