Breathing Machine Comparison


A standard CPAP is a very good breathing machine but…

…these Breathing Machines are better than your standard CPAP.

Auto-Titrating CPAP (APAP)

Never go back to your sleep lab for a titration study again, and maintain optimal pressure no matter what position you’re sleeping in.

  • Auto CPAPs increase the comfort and effectiveness of sleep therapy.
  • Because they automatically adjust your pressure with every breath, you’ll never worry about setting your pressure again.
  • Save more money by cutting down on sleep testing.

BiLevel (BiPAP or VPAP)

Breathing out shouldn’t feel like you’re inflating a balloon. Discover the joys of a BiLevel that’s adjusted to your natural breathing — it reduces pressure when you exhale!

  • BiLevels are perfect for people who need higher pressure settings.
  • BiLevels have two different pressures, a higher one for your inhale and a lower one for your exhale.
  • This special feature increases the comfort and effectiveness of treatment.

…and these are the best Breathing Machines available!

Auto-Titrating BiLevels

These top-of-the-line machines eliminate the need for sleep labs, adjust pressures to your sleeping position, and relieve pressure to accommodate your natural breathing.

  • The best of both!
  • Auto BiLevels automatically adjust on a breath-by-breath basis to find your perfect pressure setting.
  • Lower pressure on your exhale maximizes comfort throughout the night.

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