8 of the Funniest CPAP Tweets Ever


1. More Machine Than (Wo)man

@SchmolzAnderson, we’re going to guess that you spend a lot of time at the computer typing with your carpal tunnel syndrome or maybe it’s from knitting? – Please tell us that is you in the Darth costume! Anyways, it’s a positive thing that you are undergoing CPAP – you have too much creativity to be “more (wo)man than machine.”

2. CPAP As Blow Up Device

We thought we’ve seen it all, but this is amazing and very crafty and definitely not what CPAP is intended for, but points for resourcefulness.

3. Painting Fangs On My CPAP

Let’s hope that you use non-toxic paint, because you will be using your mask to breathe. Although, we like the Immortan Joe reference, because it definitely looks like he has some kind of metal-forged CPAP mask on. We’ll probably use this reference again in another article.

4. Full On Immortan Joe

Another Immortan Joe reference – sleep apnea sufferers get it. This picture is priceless.

5. Darth Vader is So Last Season

We love that your profile photo is you wearing a CPAP mask. That is some serious CPAP pride. And we couldn’t agree more, Darth Vader is so last season and a little insensitive.

6. CPAP Daddy

Truthfully? – We love it. When does your album drop?

7. REM Man To the Rescue

8. Flying Ace Training

We’re not sure what WWI Flying Ace training was like, but we understand and appreciate the analogy. If you feel like your full face mask is large and bulky, you may want to switch to a smaller mask. In the meantime, you can keep dreaming and imagining and posting amazing #CPAPselfies.