Your Sleep Therapy Just Got Safer and Easier | $100 Off The #1 CPAP Cleaner


Your CPAP supplies could be yours for $0! While CPAP cleaners are not covered by insurance plans, most other CPAP products are. Click below let us check what your insurance provider covers (for free!):

Is Cleaning your CPAP Equipment a Hassle?

It’s difficult being diligent about cleaning your CPAP equipment on a regular basis. Life is full of distractions, and adding one more responsibility to the mix doesn’t help.

Although SoClean can’t go to work for you, it certainly can make your sleep therapy safer and easier!

Do you want a natural & safe CPAP cleaning solution?

The answer is SoClean–the world’s #1 most trusted CPAP cleaner! Until now, the SoClean was $398. Today, you can get the SoClean for $298–the LOWEST price on the market. SoClean is the #1 CPAP cleaner for a reason, and its popularity has allowed us to offer this special deal.

Let’s pump the brakes first to tell you why you want–why you need–SoClean today.

SoClean kills 99.9% of the harmful bacteria, mold, and viruses present in your CPAP equipment.

99.9% is a number that you seen thrown around a lot. To many these days, it really means nothing. To SoClean, it means everything. Why? SoClean was third-party tested by two independent labs– Microchem Laboratory in Round Rock Texas ad Biofocus LADR in Recklinghausen, Germany. These labs concluded two things:

1) SoClean resulted in a 99.9% minimum average reduction (1,000 times less harmful bacteria. mold, and viruses present)

2) Many tests resulted in a 99.99% minimum average reduction (10,000 times less harmful bacteria, mold, and viruses present)

When we say 99.9%, we actually mean it. Additionally, SoClean users often report less congestion and fewer respiratory problems, colds, and heart attacks.

100% natural. 1000% easier. No more handwashing!

SoClean is a natural and effortless solution for your CPAP cleaning needs. How does it work? SoClean uses activated oxygen (a process used in hospital disinfection, produce handling, and public water filtration) to eliminate harmful bacteria, mold, and viruses.

There are no harsh liquids, chemicals, or water involved.

See how to use SoClean in this video or read the steps below:

1) Open the lid
2) Insert your mask (SoClean works with ALL popular masks and machines)
3) Close the lid
4) SoClean will now automatically operate and clean your equipment
5) The indicator light will shine green to let you know when disinfection is complete

That’s all there is to it. Say goodbye to handwashing and hello to easier, safer CPAP cleaning.

What Comes with SoClean?

When you order the SoClean, you’ll receive:

1) SoClean CPAP Sanitizer
2) Preinstalled Removable Hose Slot Plug
3) Preinstalled SoClean 2 Filter Cartridge
4) 1 oz Neutralizing Pre-Wash Concentrate
5) Preinstalled SoClean 2 Check Valve Assembly with Injection Fitting and Hose
6) AC Power Adapter

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Enter the code at checkout in the following location (your price total will then adjust accordingly):

Insurance typically covers most CPAP machines, masks, and replacement parts. Unfortunately, CPAP cleaning supplies are not eligible for insurance coverage. Do you want more details on what your insurance will cover?

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Don’t forget – your CPAP supplies could be yours for $0! Insurance doesn’t cover cleaning supplies like the SoClean, but it does cover most other CPAP supplies. Click below let us check what your insurance provider covers (for free!):



  1. I’ve had my unit for a little over 2 wks. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the SoClean. Even though I live in a dry climate and had been cleaning my CPAP on a weekly basis, I had been developing a cough and some lung congestion. I figured, what the H and bought it. In a 2 week period I average a 2 hr longer utilization time of wearing the CPAP and my cough and lung congestion is gone. It even smells better. I was getting positive results in 2 days. What more can I say, the SoClean is almost magical.

  2. This Machine works great, however, in rushing this product to market they failed to do proper testing over a great period of time. My SoClean machine after 1 year of usage broke at the latch on the top of the machine and now I have to use tape to hold down the top so I can turn use it. Since everything is made out of plastic, this top piece when pressured over time will break. This is the quality of the product. I wish the company would improve this product to eliminate this condition.

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