12 Days of Christmas: CPAP Edition




On the first night of Christmas after my snores awoke my wife with a fright,

My love gave me, a whisper quiet CPAP and now it is truly a silent night.


On the second day of Christmas when my tube was in a tangle,

My love gave me, a DreamWear mask that keeps the tube up and at the perfect angle.


On the third day of Christmas when my mask got gross,

My love gave me, a SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and now those germs are adios.


On the fourth night of Christmas, when I found my tube was attacked by kitty claws,

My love gave me, a Years Supply Kit so my treatment goes on without pause.


On the fifth day of Christmas, when packing for an overnighter,

My love gave me a Travel CPAP so my suitcase would be lighter.


On the sixth day of Christmas when my mask began to leak,

My love gave me mask liners, and now my mask won’t make a peep.


 On the seventh day of Christmas when a cold stopped up my nose,

My love me gave me a new F20 full face mask and now I peacefully doze.


On the eighth day of Christmas, when the power went out,

My love gave me a CPAP battery, so I could sleep without a doubt.


On the ninth day of Christmas, when my deductible was about to reset,

My love checked my insurance and ordered everything I could get.


On the tenth day of Christmas a thought occurred to me,

My true love snores so loud it shakes the Christmas tree.


 On the eleventh day of Christmas I got my wife a home sleep test,

My true love avoided the sleep lab and she thought that was the best.
(Holly not included)


On the twelfth day of Christmas she picked a new CPAP for her gift,

An AirSense 10, made just for her,so now we will both gently drift.