10 Animals with Sleep Apnea



In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight, but could the lion – or any animal for that matter – possibly suffer from sleep apnea?

The question as to whether or not non-human animals suffer from sleep apnea has been a head-scratching one. So far, it seems that we don’t really know much about the sleep patterns of other animals – besides the fact that they sleep, of course – so educated guesses are mostly all we can go by. Yet, research has shown that dogs might just be one of the only known species with the sleep disorder (some dog breeds also suffer from narcolepsy), which raises the possibility even further that other animals do suffer from sleep apnea, but haven’t been diagnosed yet. The difference between us and our furry friends, though, is that we are the only species that spends most of our sleeping state on our backs, which means we are more susceptible to the disorder. Also, we have a number of physiological differences that makes our respiratory tracts more compact. Nevertheless, here are some animals that would make pretty good candidates for the sleep disorder.

1. Dogs – This Bulldog Knows That the CPAP Was Invented to Help a Dog Sleep Better…  Did You?

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There is only one breed of dog that is known to suffer from sleep apnea – the bulldog, or what is most commonly known as the English Bulldog. With a short snout, underbite and loud, rumbling snoring when they sleep – and plenty of snorting when they are awake – bulldogs seem custom made for the sleep disorder.  The bulldog breed is almost five hundred years old – dating all the way back to medieval England – where the pooches were bred for the sport of bull baiting. This dreadfully inhumane sport pitted a bulldog against an angry bull – the whole idea was that the bulldog had to take down the bull by the snout or meet its maker via two razor sharp horns. In the old days (the really old days), bull baiting was a popular sport and there were multiple clubs in and around London where you could watch matches. Thankfully, bull baiting was deemed illegal by the Cruelty to Animals Act in 1835. In fact, the original English Bulldog was supposed to be the pug, another breed of dog that probably suffers from sleep apnea, but spectators couldn’t bear watching something so adorable in the ring. We’re pretty sure that if a bulldog were looking for a CPAP mask, we’d recommend the all-new Nuance Pro Gel Pillows Mask System, which is a gel nasal pillow mask that allows for maximum comfort  – also, bulldogs have big snouts, so this mask is perfect to allow the most relief.

2. Elephants – With a Brain That Weighs 11 Pounds, She Knows That She Needs a SoClean Right Now!

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They are the largest land mammals on the planet (yet they are afraid of mice), they can sense earthquakes and tsunamis before they happen (even though they cause minor earthquakes when they walk), they recognize themselves in the mirror (should I go on a diet?), and they sleep standing up, often while snoring – could elephants suffer from sleep apnea? Elephants are an interesting species, because they are the perfect example of an evolutionary concept called Bergmann’s rule. Basically, the rule illustrates a taxonomical pattern in a population of species where some animals just don’t seem to fit their climate – basically big animals in hot climates and small animals in cold climates. In the elephant’s case, they are technically built for freezing arctic climates because they originated from woolly mammoths, but they live in some of the hottest and most tropical climates on earth. Elephants also eat up to 70,000 calories a day and have quite a hefty build – luckily their thin ears serve as giant personal air conditioners in the scorching heat. Elephants also have one of the strangest respiratory tracks of any animal with their elongated trunks. Could elephants be suffering from sleep apnea? An elephant never forgets, but unfortunately they can’t speak either, so we may never know. What we do know is that elephants are dirty and have a penchant for being covered in mud, which makes the SoClean 2 that much more important in keeping their CPAP masks pristine!

3. Bears – They’re Only  Grumpy When Their CPAP Breaks…  Duh. 

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These majestic ursine creatures can weigh up to 1,000 pounds in some specific species and they are known for hibernating for up to 5 months out of the year – usually during the coldest months. While it is true that bears like to sleep a lot, it is not technically considered true hibernation, but some variation of it. If bears snore anything like they roar, you can probably bet that they also have some for of sleep apnea too. On another note: in Japan you can purchase a special toy bear to sleep with if you have sleep apnea – the bear can monitor your snoring patterns and then tickles your face when your snoring reaches a certain decibel level – got to love the technological advancements that come out of Japan. And everyone knows that the last thing you want to run into is an ornery bear…  Good thing they have the CPAP RX Package so if their CPAP machine breaks they can get a prescription for a new one in less than 24 hours!  No unbearable bears here…


4. Hippopotami – This Is One Snaggletoothed Hippo If I’ve Ever Seen One…  Shut That Trap!

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The hippo shares one interesting thing in common with sleep apnea – they both have Greek names. Sleep apnea comes from the Greek word for “breathless” or “want of breath” and hippopotamus literally means “river horse” – really creative. By weight, hippos are the third largest land mammal on the planet – they should be surrounded by tubas not flies. Hippos also spend more than half their lives in the water and they can store up to two days worth of food in their stomachs at once. In fact, hippos sleep by floating on the surface of the water – basically like large ships. Do hippos also have sleep apnea? – If you look at their enormous face – which is mostly all mouth and nose – and take into consideration all those aforementioned details, you’d probably think they do. In terms of a CPAP mask, a hippopotamus would probably find comfort from the Quattro Air Mask System, which is extremely lightweight and it is comfortable – perfect for a hungry, hungry hippo’s giant mouth.

5. Orangutans – It’s a Good Thing This ‘Tan Has a CPAP Because Orangatans Usually Sleep In a Different Spot Every Night

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Could these acrobatic, ginger members of the great ape family suffer from sleep apnea?  Studies are coming out all the time that show how close apes and humans are related. A new study suggests that orangutans basically have their own form of social networking – they plan out their social gatherings and they even call out to potential mates using unique calls that tell them where to meet the following day. But could orangutans also have sleep apnea (sleep ape-nea), like their human counterparts?  Being so plump and sometimes slothful, orangutans also have some of the same sleep patterns as humans do, so it could very well be that they also suffer from the sleep disorder. How do you say ‘stop snoring’ in orangutan? If we were to recommend a CPAP mask to an orangutan, we’d probably recommend the AirFit P10 Mask System, which provides advanced air diffusion that is barely audible, significantly reducing disturbance for you and your bed partner.


6. Pigs – The Distant Cousin of The Hippo But Best Known For Being Delicious

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It makes sense that that these giant pink creatures that spend most of their rotund lives on their sides also have sleep apnea, but the truth is that only one species of pig is scientifically known to have sleep apnea – the Yucatan miniature pig. However, they only get sleep apnea when they become morbidly obese, which is apparently quite easy for them to do, because they have no idea how to regulate their feeding patterns. Surprisingly, these little pigs are the smallest species of pig in the world. Originally, Yucatan miniature pigs were used for medical research in Europe, but over the last decade they have made their way into the hearts of the American people, because it turns out that they make great pets and they are extremely smart – just don’t let them eat too much. As for a CPAP mask, a pig would probably find the most comfort from the Wisp Nasal Mask System, which comes with three different cushions to allow for maximum fit and comfort ­– not to mention, there is no forehead support needed.

7. Cows – “Well That Didn’t Go As Planned…  I Made An Udder Mistake.”

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In the old days, a little heifer milk and some whiskey was used to alleviate sleep apnea, but these days it might be cows themselves that are suffering from the sometimes fatal sleep disorder. Cows, a member of the bovine family – along with buffalos, bison and yaks – were said to have been domesticated in Turkey over 10,000 years ago. While cows are considered sacred in India – in most parts of the world they taste more sacred between two halves of a hamburger bun.   Environmental activists are saying that next to car exhaust, cow flatulence is hugely to blame for the worsening of global warming. Cows are also hefty creatures – their name after all is considered a put down or an insult to anyone who has a body mass index above average – which leads us to believe that they probably have sleep apnea too. So, the next time you go cow tipping – have a little heart, will ya? We’d like to guess that a cow would probably get the best relief by using the Swift FX Bella Gray Mask System, which provides more comfort for those who move around at night – perfect for cow tipping.


8. Manatees – The Ole’ Sea Cow…  King of The Underwater Lounge Game.

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Okay, how could these “sea cows” not have sleep apnea? Manatees – the name comes from the Caribbean term for “big breasts” – can grow up to 13 feet long and they can weigh up to a whopping 1,300 pounds. Manatees also swim at an unsurprising top speed of 3 miles an hour. While manatees mostly feed on plant matter, they can eat up to 10% of their own body weight in a single day.  In ancient times, manatees were thought to be really, really fat mermaids, but today you can find them lazily floating around in the waters of the Florida panhandle enjoying retirement. Just remember, though, don’t ride the manatees – it’s a federal law. As for a CPAP mask, we’d like to recommend that Swift FX Nano, which has a unique frame that allows the wearer to adjust the mask accordingly, because we’re going to guess that with a face shaped like that, a manatee is going to need a more custom fit.

9. Walrus – Have You Ever Put Chopsticks in Your Gums and Pretended To Be a Walrus?  Do It…

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“I am the eggman, they are the eggmen, I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob,” sang John Lennon in the 1967 song I Am The Walrus by the The Beatles. While “Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come” sort of clears things up, we still have no clue what that song means – besides the fact that it mentions a walrus. Walruses are one of the biggest of the flippered marine mammals – tipping the scales at almost 4,000 pounds. You see, walruses are an interesting species because they spend most of their time switching between water and land, which has given them an advanced respiratory mechanism that allows them to breath in water for a long time, but one study suggests that they might suffer from brief apneas while sleeping on land. The results of the study are inconclusive, but if you’ve ever heard a walrus bark, you’d definitely suspect they have some form of sleep apnea. When it comes to CPAP masks, a walrus would probably go with the Wisp Nasal Mask System, because it is made out of a high quality clear silicone, which means those giant tusks couldn’t even destroy it.


10. Cats – This Cat Is Definitely Plotting Something and I Don’t Think It’s About How To Get Fancy Feast

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Do you say bless you to your cat after he or she sneezes? Do you dress your cat up in costumes? Do you talk to your cat like a baby? Do you consider yourself a ‘mom’ or a ‘dad’ to your cat? Do you feel bad when you wake your cat up from a nap? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, chances are that you might be a cat person – crazy or not, that is up for you to decide. However, what would you do if your cat had sleep apnea? While cats haven’t been formally diagnosed with sleep apnea, there is one breed that might be prone than other breeds – the Persian. This long-haired breed of cat looks almost nothing like other cats – with it’s short muzzle, short legs and puffy tail. Whiles these kitties are most known to grace the covers of Cat Fancy magazine, they can also suffer from some respiratory issues as a result of their compacted breathing mechanism, which leads us to believe that they also might suffer from sleep apnea. Other breeds of cat with the distinct flat-face characteristic may also suffer from sleep apnea, like exotic shorthairs, Scottish folds, and maybe even Garfield. You also don’t want your cat to become too obese, because that can increase the risk. As for a CPAP mask, a cat would probably benefit from the Quattro Air for Her Mask System, because of the stylish pink headgear and specially designed mask that allows for the best fit and the most comfortable sleep – cats do sleep twenty hours out of the day after all.



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