The All New DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask: Sleep Like It’s Not Even There



If you think you have to wait years for a CPAP mask to advance to a place where it can be called revolutionary, think again. The NEW DreamWear Under The Nose Nasal Mask from Philips Respironics ($109, FREE Shipping!) is that CPAP mask system you’ve been waiting for. If you use a nasal mask, you’ll swear by this new system. Its extremely innovative design is so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing a mask, to begin with. It’s not quite a nasal mask, it’s not quite a nasal pillow mask. It’s something even better. In fact, the DreamWear was recently voted the #1 CPAP mask by actual CPAP users.

Here are some reasons why you’ll love this new mask system:

dreamwear-tabletTubing Is Located At The Top Of The Head

Many masks don’t offer maximum freedom of movement due to the awkward tube obstruction; No matter where you move or where you roll over to, the tubing is right there with you. But with the DreamWear Under The Nose Mask, the tubing connects at the top of the head – the pressurized air enters through chambers in the mask itself, so you have maximum visibility and freedom of movement.


HHS_0715_DreamWearFittingGuide1919_RGBLo---CopyIt Will Reduce Red Marks and Discomfort

How many times have you woken up with red marks and chafing because your mask was rubbing against your face and nose all night? With the DreamWear Under The Nose system, the mask will fit gently on your face and under your nose – it won’t grasp your face or cause discomfort. The DreamWear mask was designed to rest gently under your nose so that you don’t have anything rubbing against it. It also includes soft wraps that pad the straps so they’ll no longer leave marks that last for hours. DreamWear offers three sizes of frames and four sizes of nasal cushions to choose from for a comfortable, custom fit.

DreamWear-WomanIt Will Feel Like You Aren’t Even Wearing A Mask

According to trials, users remarked that the mask gave them “more freedom to move,” “had a better fit” than their prescribed mask, and “it didn’t even feel like they were wearing a mask during therapy.” Sounds like a resoundingly positive experience across the board. CPAP users fell in love with the DreamWear. With the DreamWear, you have a full field of vision. How many masks can you say make you feel like you aren’t wearing a mask? So, if you are ready to upgrade, the DreamWear Under The Nose Mask system is a perfect choice – go on, you earned it.

The Dreamwear Nasal CPAP Mask could be yours for $0! Allow us to check with your insurance provider for you to find out what is covered (for free!). Click below to get started:

The DreamWear is $109. Click here to purchase it online.